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About the IEEE Foundation

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Bringing the exhilaration of scientific discovery to students, fostering technological innovation, preserving history, working to benefit humanity, promoting awareness of the long-reaching effects of engineering - these are some of the important functions of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) that are supported by the work of the IEEE Foundation.

The IEEE Foundation cultivates resources and relationships to advance IEEE's core purpose to foster technological innovation and excellence to benefit humanity. The IEEE Foundation fulfills its purpose:

  • By soliciting and managing donations,
  • By awarding grants to innovative projects
  • By serving as the fund administrator for educational, humanitarian, historical preservation, and peer recognition programs of IEEE units.

With contributions from generous sponsors around the world, the IEEE Foundation seeks to increase the understanding of how technologies are created and how they impact society, individuals, and the environment. Interdisciplinary in its activities, and transnational in scope, the IEEE Foundation has the potential to improve people's lives in every country.

We invite you to explore these Web pages to learn more about the IEEE Foundation, and how you can help make a difference.

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