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James D. Meindl

Dr. James D. Meindl,
IEEE Life Fellow and
2006 IEEE Medal of Honor recipient


Serving IEEE Members and Society

After attending the IEEE Awards Meeting in Minneapolis, MN in June 2006, IEEE Medal of Honor recipient Dr. James D. Meindl was impressed by the organization of the event and the considerate treatment of the recipients.  This experience led him to begin supporting the IEEE Foundation.  After a long career as a scientist, educator and high-level technology executive, Meindl received the 2006 IEEE Medal of Honor for his contributions to microelectronics.  Since his contribution, like all contributions to the IEEE Foundation, supports the scientific and educational purposes of the IEEE, Meindl is helping foster an understanding of how technology created and impacts society..  He chose to make his gift with appreciated stock, which allowed him to avoid capital gains tax on the “paper profits” and to take a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair value of the stock..  Meindl says, “I believe that the IEEE Foundation is an outstanding example of the intent of the IEEE to serve its’ members and society as a whole in a very constructive fashion.”

Narain Hingorani, IEEE Fellow

Narain Hingorani, IEEE Fellow

Father of FACTS, Fan of IEEE Foundation

When IEEE Life Fellow and former IEEE Foundation Board Member, Dr. Narain Hingorani, was recently awarded the Bower Award and Prize for Achievement
in Science, he chose to donate part of his award-winnings directly to the IEEE Foundation. This philanthropic gesture demonstrated Dr. Hingorani's gratitude to the IEEE.

A modern-age pion eer of power electronics, Dr. Hingorani is considered the father of flexible alternating current tranmission systems (FACTS) and custom power innnovations, and is a leader in high-voltage direct current (HVDC). Dr. Hingorani also supports the
IEEE Foundation's peer-recognition programs and enjoys watching his peers being honored during IEEE award ceremonies.

Elias Snitzer, IEEE Life Fellow

Elias Snitzer, IEEE Life Fellow

IEEE Provides Sense of Professional Identification

Elias Snitzer joined the IEEE in 1945 when he first graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  He found the IEEE journals and publications to be the biggest benefit of his IEEE membership. He believes the success he achieved in engineering is partly due to keeping up on new information through the IEEE. Snitzer says “One got a preview of the ‘hot’ new material being worked on worldwide.”  After all his professional accomplishments, he did not forget about the IEEE, where his first sense of “professional identification” was realized.  Snitzer gives back to the IEEE, and supports science and education, through gifts to the IEEE Foundation.  He says he contributes because the IEEE Foundation “Is a world-class organization and deserves support.”

John Meredith, IEEE Life Senior Member

John Meredith , IEEE Life Senior

Impressed by the IEEE Foundation's Initiatives

John W. Meredith, 2007 IEEE-USA President, became aware of the IEEE Foundation after becoming a member of the IEEE Board of Directors in 2004.  Meredith was impressed by the IEEE Foundation’s initiatives, including the efforts to further the profession in all parts of the world and the funding provided for a variety of IEEE activities.  This realization prompted him to become a regular donor.  Meredith believes that it is important to support their profession, adding, “Teachers, professors, parents, mentors or colleagues have greatly benefited all of us in the pursuit and practice of our profession.  It is fitting that we give something in return.”  Meredith also enjoys the ability to designate his giving to a variety of funds administered by the IEEE Foundation, such the IEEE-USA Fund region-specific funds or the IEEE History Center Fund.

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