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Richard (Dick) Gowen, IEEE Life Fellow

Dr. Richard (Dick) J. Gowen , 2005
to 2007 IEEE Foundation President, IEEE Life Fellow

Engineers Have an Obligation to Assist

Dr. Richard J. Gowen's passion for the IEEE is contagious. As the 2005 IEEE Foundation President, Dick brings a rich history of honored service as an engineer, researcher and educator. He began as a student member, served as the 1984 Centennial President and received the special recognition as the National Professional Engineer of 2004. Dick's contributions to the IEEE Foundation express his deep appreciation for the many benefits the IEEE has provided him during his distinguished career. An advocate of education and technological literacy, he encourages "IEEE members to share their experiences to assist in the preparation of all students for a lifetime of success in our increasingly technological world. We have an obligation to join with educators to help each student rise to the fullness of their potential."

Susumu Kobayashi, IEEE Member

Susumu Kobayashi, IEEE
Member, next to a Cray XD1 Supercomputer

Bringing Meaning to Life

Susumu Kobayashi, IEEE Member, first began supporting the IEEE History Center when he was at one of the lowest points in his life. He read somewhere that "sometimes donations, even if the amount is very small, make your mind stable and calm." In an effort to bring meaning and purpose to his life, Mr. Kobayashi decided to make his first gift to the IEEE History Center and he has been giving ever since. When asked to describe the IEEE History Center, Mr. Kobayashi said "the IEEE History Center is the treasure and legacy of human-beings in the world. It is the responsibility of us old-boys to support the next generation of young persons."

Stephen Weinstein, IEEE Life Fellow

Stephen Weinstein, IEEE Life

Life Members Build a Better Future

Stephen Weinstein, IEEE Life Fellow and former IEEE Board member, appreciates the need to advance the engineering profession and promote its value to society. Through his annual contribution to the IEEE Life Members Fund, he knows he is doing just that. Steve says, "I like the emphasis of the IEEE Life Member Fund on history and educational projects, and knowing that Life Members as a class can take credit for this extra support of IEEE's contributions to society. This Fund enables U.S. members to make relatively painless tax-deductible contributions reflecting our feelings that our profession is helping to build a better future."

Thelma Estrin, IEEE Life Fellow

Thelma Estrin, IEEE Life Fellow

Supporting the IEEE Virtual Museum

Dr. Thelma Estrin, an IEEE Life Fellow and long-time IEEE volunteer leader, appreciates the importance of preserving and disseminating the history of the IEEE. Recently, she was introduced to the concept of "virtual exhibits" on the Internet and was delighted to learn of the IEEE Virtual Museum. As an educator, she realizes the significance for the teaching and comprehension the IEEE Virtual Museum offers. She sees it as a learning tool for students and the lay public, which is why she decided to designate her contributions to keep the doors of the IEEE Virtual Museum open.