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Success Stories - Archive 1

Edison Lecture Reaches Thousands of Students in Texas
Restored Ben Franklin House Sparks Interest in Science, History
IEEE Volunteer Leadership Receives Training
The IEEE Pre-University Engineering Activity Search

High school students in Texas, USA during 2006 Edison Lecture Series

High School students in Texas
discover the intricacies of microprocessors during the
2006 Edison Lecture Series.

Edison Lecture Reaches Thousands of Student in Texas

The Edison Lecture Series, organized by
The University of Texas at Austin's
Department of Electrical and Computer
Engineering, is an annual event
designed to excite middle and high
school students about the possibilities
of a career in technology. The hour-long
presentation includes hands-on activities
and dazzling examples of how creative
and fun engineering can be.

In 2006, the IEEE Foundation's generous
support of The Edison Lecture Series
helped expose over 4,000 middle and
high school students to the impact and
future of microprocessors.

Next year the show will focus on
Renewable Energy. Videos of past
Lectures, and information about the
upcoming one, are available at Edison
Lecture Series webpages.

Middle school students at Benjamin Franklin House

Middle School students show off the
certificates they won during a Science
Fair sponsored at the Benjamin Franklin



Restored Benjamin Franklin House Sparks Interest in Science, History

A bolt of lightning helped spark Ben
Franklin to the discovery of the true
nature of electricity and to innovations
that changed the world. Now, thanks in
part to the IEEE Foundation, the London
house in which Franklin lived from 1757
to 1775 has been restored to its fullest
potential. This project is intended to act,
much as that bolt of lightning did for
Franklin, by sparking the interest of
historians, scientists, students, and
the public for years to come.

The Benjamin Franklin House is
located at 36 Craven Street, London,
United Kingdom, and was opened in
grand fashion on Franklin's 300th
birthday, 17 January 2006. The 18th
century house is an all around historical
experience and educational facility.
Visitors to the House are treated to a
multimedia historical experience, an
archive of Franklin's papers, and a
hands-on student science center
focusing on his many inventions.

Delegates at Sections Congress 2005

Delegates at Sections Congress 2005 prepare for a Core Track training session to begin.


IEEE Volunteer Leadership Receives Training

IEEE Sections Congress 2005: Promoting a World-Class Volunteer Community brought together delegates from 81 countries representing 260 Sections in Tampa, Florida, USA for a weekend during October 2005. The purpose of IEEE's Sections Congress is three-fold: 1) Leadership Training; 2) Networking; and 3) Guiding the future of the Institute.

Saturday morning started with each delegate assigned to one of the Core Track training sessions. The session topics included an IEEE Overview, Financial Management, Electronic Communications, and Products & Services. These Core Session, along with CD Rom of all the information shared at the event that each attendee received, will help make the IEEE the best lead volunteer organization in the world.

Both of these key components to the success of Sections Congress 2005 were made possbile thanks to a grant from the IEEE Foundation. The information found on the CD Rom and pictures from the event are available on the Sections Congress 2005 webpages.

Student in Thailand

Students in Thailand construct simple electronic circuits during E-Camp.  E-Camp, run by the IEEE Thailand Section, is an example of the types of activities available on the IEEE Pre-university Engineering Activity Search webpage.

The IEEE Pre-University Engineering Activity Search

Have you or other members of your local IEEE Section ever wanted to help your local pre-university community, but just did not know where to begin?  Thanks to a grant from the IEEE Foundation, you can start by visiting the IEEE Pre-university Engineering Activity Search page. This new section of the IEEE web site, created by IEEE Educational Activities, was developed to help members and volunteers around the world find the right activity for their Section without having to re-invent it.

The IEEE Pre-university Engineering Activity Search identifies a wide variety of pre-university science, engineering, mathematics and technology education activities being conducted by IEEE sections throughout the world. The activities are sorted into 12 categories, such as Classroom Activities, Organized Competitions and Activities, and Careers in Engineering. Simply by clicking on a category, members will find a list of engineering activities that they can organize and implement in their local communities. The site also allows members the opportunity to submit an activity that is not already listed in which they have participated and wish to share.