IEEE publishes technical books in all fields served by IEEE. The key focus of the book program is to publish high-quality monographs, edited volumes, and reference works for the engineering community, as well as introductory technology books intended for the general public. IEEE's books are authoritative and cutting-edge, cover in-demand topics, and are written by leading experts in the field.

IEEE partners with John Wiley & Sons to publish three main imprints: Wiley-IEEE Press, Computer Society Press, and the IEEE Standards Information Network Press. (NOTE: IEEE also publishes books focused on career and policy issues via its IEEE-USA ebooks program.) The Wiley-IEEE press imprint consists of over 900 books in print, with approximately 50 new titles added each year.

The IEEE Computer Society Press focuses on titles related to computer science and engineering with a focus on software engineering.

IEEE Standards Information Network Press publishes guides, handbooks, and tutorials on the implementation of standards.

Books are available in both print and electronic format and are sold via multiple channels such as IEEE Xplore® and Wiley Online Library, and on, Amazon, and other online retail outlets.

Prospective authors

Wiley-IEEE Press invites top-quality submissions in all fields served by IEEE. For information on how to become an author, please visit the prospective author home page. To submit a book proposal, please contact the acquisitions editor Mary Hatcher at

Proposals are now being accepted for short books, i.e., books between 80 and 120 pages on current hot topics. For more information on writing a short book, please fill out the Short eBooks proposal form (DOC, 31 KB) and send it to the acquisitions editor Mary Hatcher at

Member benefits

IEEE members have access to 353 eBooks from the IEEE Press collection through IEEE Xplore. This collection of eBooks is offered to members at no additional cost. Newer eBooks will be added every year.

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IEEE members can obtain a 35% discount by visiting the IEEE Members Discounts page. Scroll down to the "IEEE members get a 35% discount on all Wiley Books" section and sign in using your IEEE member account.