Manuscript double-spaced and single-sided.

  • All illustrations and tables cited in the text.
  • All headings formatted to indicate their proper level of importance.
  • All inserts typed or printed, double-spaced, and clearly marked for insertion in the text.
  • Manuscript pages, tables, figures, references, and the like, sequentially numbered.
  • Manuscript has been proofread, and matches exactly what is in the files.
  • Manuscript pages should be consecutively numbered throughout.  For books that have multiple contributors, it is acceptable for each chapter to be numbered consecutively instead using this format:  3-1, 3-2, 3-3, etc.             



  • All necessary permissions (both print and electronic) obtained and included.
  • Any necessary permissions that have not been obtained identified.
  • Appropriate credit given in the text for all borrowed material. 


  • A separate art manuscript should be included.  All illustrations should be printed out complete, numbered, and separate from the text manuscript.
  • Clear glossy prints supplied for halftones (not photocopies or previously printed tearsheets) for which no electronic files exist.

Note:  Wiley used to require separate electronic files for all figures.  They no longer require this as long as the figures are placed in Word and are able to be copied and edited. 


Tables cited sequentially in text manuscript.

Front matter

Preface, table of contents, list of contributors, Foreword and dedication (if there is one) included.

  • Headings listed in the table of contents match the text.
  • Title page includes your name and affiliation as you wish them to appear in the printed book. 



Each CD or disk has a label indicating what is on it and the software used.

  • Separate file submitted for each chapter of the manuscript.
  • Filenames follow consistent convention and include extensions appropriate for the program.
  • Double-spaced printout of manuscript included. 


Cover letter

Your cover letter should include:

  • For any missing material, date when it will be received.
  • For any files you are submitting, the hardware and software used.
  • Any unusual conventions used.
  • List of mail and email addresses for contributors (no PO Boxes).  Phone numbers required for those outside of US.
  • A list of all contributors along with their affiliations
  • Any special requests.
Contact IEEE Press

To submit a book proposal electronically, email pressbooks@ieee.org.