General information

Author Tools

 - A list of links to the publication guidelines on a variety of IEEE's publications

Guide for Authors - A brief description of the various IEEE publications, and information on how to submit manuscripts
Submitting a Manuscript - Contact information for IEEE's Journals, Magazines, Standards, and Books


Author's Digital Toolbox

- Contains tools and information to assist with article preparation and submission for Journals, Transactions, and Letters.  The Toolbox includes information on the article proof review process and ordering reprints. Also included is a list of frequently asked questions.

Manuscript Central - Electronic submission through IEEE Manuscript Central speeds up the review process and shortens the time between manuscript submission and publication.

"Information for Authors" (PDF, 260 KB)- A PDF brochure that provides authors with an overview of the publishing process for IEEE periodicals

Author FAQs - Includes information about Article Preparation and Submission, Manuscript Proof Procedure, Post-Publication and Reprint Information.

Graphics Checker Tool - Web-based application to allow authors to test their manuscripts' graphic files

Xplore Author FAQ - Includes information related to digital dissemination of authors' papers.


IEEE Press Author Resources

- For current and prospective IEEE Press authors to insure that their projects are reviewed and, if accepted for publication, put into production as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.

Proposal Guidelines - A list of information that will assist the IEEE Press in accurately considering and handling your proposed book idea.


Conference Proceedings

- Information about submitting and purchasing conference proceedings papers.

Conference Calls For Papers -  Searchable database of IEEE sponsored conferences, along with submission deadlines.
Frequently Asked Questions by Authors – A list of helpful information for conference authors.