The electronic IEEE Copyright Form (eCF) was introduced to authors and volunteers in May 2004. Since its inception, the eCF has successfully proven itself to be a highly effective tool that not only accomplishes its main goal of transferring ownership rights of the intellectual property to IEEE but does so by also saving significant amounts of time and effort on the part of IEEE authors, volunteers, and staff.
The eCF is available to all IEEE publications at no cost

The setup process for the eCF is very quick and simple. Any volunteer who wants to link, for example, a manuscript submission Web site to the eCF tool must first register the site and publication title with the IPR Office. Once it is registered, a website will be able to pass article metadata via an encrypted string attached to the URL, after which time the eCF tool can be invoked directly by authors from the access-controlled site. A brief process will guide authors to the appropriate form, which is signed by typing in their names and clicking on a "Submit" button.

All interested volunteers not currently using the eCF are invited to fill out the registration form below to begin the process of setting up your site so that you, too, may be able to take advantage of this important tool. 

Contact Bill Hagen, IEEE Intellectual Property Rights Office ( or +1 732 562 3966), if you should like to discuss any of this beforehand.

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