6.3.2 -- Guidelines on the Use of the IEEE Logo and "IEEE"


  1. The IEEE logo should be used on IEEE’s wholly owned publications and also on meeting notices, programs and other promotional literature and products. On any of these, the logo should be displayed prominently at least once accompanied by the registration mark, i.e., the R in a circle (®) shown at the lower right of the emblem. On publications, it is recommended that the logo appear on the front cover and title page, if any.
  2. When used with a logo of an organizational unit within IEEE, the IEEE logo should be at least the same size as the other logo, preferably larger or in a more prominent position. In publications produced in cooperation with groups outside IEEE, all logos should be the same size (it may be acceptable to use logos in different sizes to reflect unequal participation).
  3. In every use, the integrity of the logo must be preserved. For example:

    1) Only the complete, official logo in either solid or outline form may be used (hand drawn or deformed versions are not permitted).
    2) Neither the whole nor recognizable parts may be incorporated into another logo whether designed by an IEEE organizational unit or not.
    3) The logo may be printed in any color with another color as background, but should not be printed in several colors.
    4) The logo should not be obscured by any other design, lettering, etc.
    5) The logo should not be used frivolously.
  4. The logo shall be used only in connection with official business of the IEEE.

12.1 -- Trademark


  1. ieee emblemThe emblem of IEEE will be protected by legal registration.  The guidelines for the use of the emblem and "IEEE" are set forth under Section 6 of the IEEE Policies, and the emblem and "IEEE" shall be used only in connection with official business of the IEEE. The IEEE emblem is a trademark owned by the IEEE for the purpose of indicating membership in the IEEE.  As owner of the mark, IEEE Headquarters makes available to members membership pins which bear the mark.  IEEE Headquarters also makes available to Sections, Societies, and other IEEE organizational units, letterheads, pennants, and other similar material bearing the emblem.  Any form of use of the emblem by members, either as individuals or as IEEE organizational units, which is not supplied by the IEEE Headquarters must be submitted for approval and any form of use which has not received such approval shall be considered as unauthorized use of the emblem.  The United States Patent Office has issued Registration No. 770,113 to IEEE for the emblem.  When used by members either as individuals or as IEEE organizational units, the emblem must be displayed with an R in a circle as shown above.  This is required to give legal notice that the emblem has been registered by lEEE.
  2. The IEEE emblem may be incorporated in the design of awards, or for similar purposes, provided that the total emblem is used without any modification.  If the emblem is modified in any manner, including the addition of names or dates within the field of the emblem, the basic IEEE registration will have been violated.  The IEEE's legal counsel urges that we maintain the integrity of the IEEE emblem.
  3. Purchase of Emblem.  Emblems to be worn by members are to be purchasable only from IEEE Headquarters.

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