Suggesting a new term for the IEEE Thesaurus

Suggestions should include a single term or phrase along with a descriptive definition and a source location. Include your name and email address so that you can be contacted if any questions arise.

The format of a term suggestion is as follows: Definition, Source, Date in Month-Day-Year format

Note: Please check the current IEEE Thesaurus (PDF, 2 MB) for suggested terms to avoid unnecessary duplication.


  • Radiography: A nondestructive method of internal examination in which metal objects are exposed to a beam of X ray or gamma radiation. Differences in thickness, density, or absorption, caused by internal defects or inclusions, are apparent in the shadow image either on a fluorescent screen or on photographic film placed behind the object. Source:, 2-13-19
  • Synthetic-aperture radar: Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is a form of radar that is used to create two-dimensional images or three-dimensional reconstructions of objects, such as landscapes. Source:, 2-13-19