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Submission guidelines for each publication may vary.


IEEE Magazines, Transactions, Journals, and Letters

A general guide for how to prepare your text and graphics for an article to be included in any of our magazines, transactions, journals, or letters is found in the Electronic Submission Guidelines.

Review common proofreader marks (PDF, 78 KB).

Learn all about the ten most common digital pre-press problems (PDF, 226 KB) associated with supplied electronic files and how to avoid them.

Submission guidelines for each Society publication may vary. To be sure you are meeting all of the requirements for a specific publication, visit IEEE Xplore® and select the publication you wish to be published in by using the browse or search feature.

Many publications have a "submit a manuscript" icon you can click on. This lets you know that you can use Manuscript Central to make your submission.

If the Manuscript Central icon is not available on that page, you may need to visit that specific publication's home page or contact the Editor-in-Chief directly to gain access to that specific publication's submission guidelines. Most publications offer an "Author Resources" section on the bottom of the left-hand column where there are links to "IEEE Information" and "Additional Information," which may provide the guidelines.



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Resources for Authors

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Citations to IEEE Journals Continue to Climb

According to the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) from Thomson ISI, IEEE publishes:

  • 18 of the top 20 journals in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • 9 of the top 10 journals in Telecommunications
  • 6 of top 10 journals in Computer Science, Hardware & Architecture
  • 5 of top 20 journals in Computer Science, Information Systems
  • 8 of top 20 journals in Computer Science, Software Engineering

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