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IEEE Access is an award-winning, multidisciplinary, all-electronic archival journal continuously presenting the results of original research or development across all of IEEE's fields of interest. Supported by author publication fees, its hallmarks are a rapid peer-review and publication process with open access to all readers. IEEE Access received the 2015 PROSE Award for Best New Journal in STM (science, technology, and medicine) and one of its articles was awarded the 2015 Donald G. Fink Prized Paper Award.

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  • Coming soon

    IEEE Access has been accepted into the Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science) and anticipates its impact factor to be announced in June 2016.
  • Congratulations

    IEEE Access Editor-in-Chief Michael Pecht received the IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Award, presented for visionary leadership in the development of physics-of-failure-based and prognostics-based approaches to electronic packaging reliability.
  • Best Multimedia Contest

    Integrate multimedia video with your article submission for a chance to win a US$500 Amazon gift card.
  • 2015 PROSE AWARD recipient

    IEEE Access has received the 2015 PROSE Award for Best New Journal in STM.

  • Benefits of publishing in IEEE Access

    IEEE Access is ideal for authors who want to quickly announce recent developments, methods, or new products to a broad audience.

  • Congratulations

    IEEE Access author, Ted Rappaport, receives the 2015 IEEE Donald G. Fink Award for his article, "Millimeter Wave Mobile Communications for 5G Cellular: It Will Work!"

  • Testimonials

    Learn more about what other IEEE Access users are talking about.

  • New special sections

    A collection of articles focusing on a specific trending topic complied by our Associate and Guest editors.

  • New commenting feature

    You may now post comments on articles published in IEEE Access.


Benefits of publishing

why publish here

IEEE Access is a multidisciplinary, open access journal that gives you the flexibility to submit articles that do not fit neatly within traditional journals.  It is ideal for authors who want to quickly announce recent developments, methods, or new products to a broad audience.  Some additional benefits of publishing in IEEE Access are:

  • A rapid, binary peer-review process with a decision of accept/reject in approximately 4 weeks
  • Multimedia integration and commenting
  • Usage and citation data
  • Advantage of being published by an IEEE journal
  • Vast global outreach to millions of users through the IEEE Xplore digital library
  • Convenient author-pays publishing model, with an article processing charge of US$1,750 per article

topics covered

IEEE Access publishes articles that are of high interest to readers—original, technically correct, and clearly presented. The scope of this all-electronic, archival publication comprises all IEEE fields of interest, emphasizing applications-oriented and interdisciplinary articles.

IEEE Access makes it easy for practitioners, researchers, institutions, funding agencies, and others to make published information available to everyone via one of the most prestigious technical publishers in the world. IEEE open access publishing facilitates dissemination to those who seek direct access to an author’s research results.



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Author testimonial videos

video Watch the Vienna University of Technology’s Dr. Stefan Schwarz and Dr. Josep Colom Ikuno discuss the development of their open-source, standards-compliant simulator of LTE mobile networks – making it possible to test new telecommunication technologies using their novel model. Their article, “Pushing the Limits of LTE: A Survey on Research Enhancing the Standard” is now freely available to scientists and engineers around the world via IEEE Access.
  NYU professor Ted Rappaport, an IEEE Access author of "Millimeter Wave Mobile Communications for 5G Cellular: It Will Work!", talks about the future of 5G wireless traffic.  Ted Rappaport discusses the potential of his research into millimeter wave wireless communications technology, and the benefits of sharing that work with researchers around the world through open access, fast-turn publishing in a gold-standard IEEE journal: IEEE Access. 
  IEEE author Kaleb McDowell shares key insights from his new article, "Real-World Neuroimaging Technologies," and discusses the benefits of connecting his work with researchers around the world through open access, fast-turn publishing.



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New Special Sections in IEEE Access

new Title Submission date Associate and Guest Editors
Latest Advances and Emerging Applications of Data Hiding (PDF, 76 KB) 31 May 2016    Yong Xiang, Jiwu Huang, Fernando Pérez-González, Guang Hua, Hafiz Malik
Internet of Things (IoT) in 5G Wireless Communications (PDF, 72 KB) 31 May 2016    Waleed Ejaz, Alagan Anpalagan, Muhammad Ali Imran, Minho Jo, Muhammad Naeem, Saad Bin Qaisar, Wei Wang
Green Communications and Networking for 5G (PDF, 75 KB) 31 May 2016    Daqiang Zhang, Guangjie Han, Liangtian Wan, Joel Rodrigues, Hongyi Wu
Big Data Analytics for Smart And Connected Health (PDF, 65 KB) 30 June 2016    Yuan Zhang, Lin Zhang, Eiji Oki, Nitesh V Chawla, Anton Kos
Optimization for Emerging Wireless Networks: IoT, 5G and Smart Grid Communication Networks (PDF, 74 KB) 25 July 2016    Ayaz Ahmad, Mubashir Husain Rehmani, Hamidou Tembine, Osama Mohammed, Abbas Jamalipour
Recent Advances in Socially-aware Mobile Networking (PDF, 76 KB) 31 July 2016    Mugen Peng, Lei Yang, Junshan Zhang, Tao Chen, Ulrico Celentano, Juha Röning, Natalia Ermolova, Olav Tirkkonen
Security in Wireless Communications and Networking (PDF, 66 KB) 1 August 2016 Muhammad Ali Imran, Daniel Benevides da Costa, Richard Demo Souza, Trung Quang Duong, Mustapha Benjillali, Amine Maaref, Hui-Ming Wang
Recent Advances on Modelling, Optimization and Signal Processing Methods in Vehicle Dynamics and Crash-worthiness (PDF, 70 KB) 30 September 2016 Hamid Reza Karimi, Dario Vangi, Hermann Steffan, Junmin Wang, Kalyana Veluvolu
Innovations in Electrical and Computer Engineering Education (PDF, 71 KB) 1 October 2016    Zhihua Qu, Venkataramanan Balakrishnan, Bonnie Ferri, Marwan Simaan
Deployment and Management of Small Heterogeneous Cells for 5G (PDF, 70 KB) 15 October 2016    Muhammad Ali Imran, Xing Zhang, Yan Zhang, Inkyu Lee, Daniel B. da Costa, Ali Imran
System-Level Design Automation Methods for Multi-Processor System-on-Chips (PDF, 80 KB) 15 November 2016    Sun-Yuan Hsieh, Sudip Roy, Jen-Wei Hsieh, Jishen Zhao, Ing-Chao Lin, Da-Wei Chang, Pi-Cheng Hsiu
The Internet of Energy: Architectures, Cyber Security, and Applications (PDF, 94 KB) 31 December 2016    Kun Wang, Yan Zhang, Song Guo, Mianxiong Dong, Rose Qingyang Hu, Lei He
Cooperative and Intelligent Sensing (PDF, 57 KB) 20 January 2017    Rongbo Zhu, Maode Ma, Lu Liu, Shiwen Mao




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