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The PSPB Publishing Conduct Committee is an organizational unit of, and reports operational matters to, PSPB. The Committee shall only report confidential matters to the PSPB Chair.



The PSPB Publishing Conduct Committee primarily assists the PSPB Chair on handling or interpreting misconduct cases as identified by appropriate sections of the PSPB Operations Manual. Activities are restricted to those assigned by the PSPB Chair.


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The PSPB Publishing Conduct Committee shall:

  1. Assist PSPB Chair for handling editorial misconduct cases, including but not limited to:
    • facilitating or conducting investigations;
    • providing expertise on related science and technology;
    • making sure all individuals are treated fairly;
    • interpreting, with legal assistance if necessary, IEEE Procedures and Operations that apply to these misconduct cases;
    • providing other advice as needed by the PSPB Chair.
  2. Through the PSPB Chair, keep IEEE abreast of the current ethics and protocols of scholarly publishing in the science and technology community (outside IEEE).
  3. Maintain a confidential case archive, where each entry outlines the nature of each complaint, the committee’s findings, and the reasons for the committee’s findings.
  4. Ensure confidentiality on all committee issues.

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2018 Publishing Conduct Committee members

  • Chair: Hulya Kirkici
  • Sergio Benedetto
  • Ron Goldfarb
  • Clem Karl
  • Carmen Menoni


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