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December 2009


Pub News Vol. 2 Issue 4

Welcome to the Eighth Edition of the PSPB Quarterly Newsletter

Ann Burgmeyer

Ann Burgmeyer, who retired in September 2007 from IEEE Conference & Custom Publishing after 39 years of service with IEEE, was named the 2009 recipient of the IEEE Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member Award. Ann was selected “for pioneering work in electronic publishing and data archiving contributing to IEEE’s leadership in publishing, and for support of volunteers and staff for over 35 years,” according to the award citation. The award is named in honor of Eric Herz, Director Emeritus, who has had a long and distinguished career as both an IEEE volunteer and former staff member. Volunteers both nominate and choose the recipient of this award from among full-time IEEE staff members with at least 10 years of service. The award was presented by John R. Vig, 2009 IEEE President and CEO on 20 November during the IEEE November Meeting Series held in New Brunswick, NJ, USA.


  1. IEEE Xplore Will Grow in Early 2010 to Include IEEE Press e-Book Classics

  2. Mobile IEEE Xplore Beta Now Available

  3. Publishing Conduct Committee Update on Plagiarism Issues

  4. Publications Operations Manual Updates

  5. Thank You and Happy New Year Wishes

1. IEEE Xplore Will Grow in Early 2010 to Include IEEE Press e-Books Classics

The IEEE Xplore 3.0 release scheduled for February 2010 will include a collection of more than 220 classic (pre-2007) IEEE Press eBooks. Access to the eBooks will be free for all IEEE members who access them in Xplore using their IEEE Account. eBooks are searchable by subject or keyword, and are delivered as individual chapter search results. The IEEE Press eBook Classics library includes practical handbooks, introductory and advanced texts, reference works, and professional books. For more information contact Gordon MacPherson at

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2. Mobile IEEE Xplore Beta Now Available

The IEEE launched a beta version of Mobile IEEE Xplore earlier this year. Users can search over two million documents at anytime and from anywhere via any mobile device with Internet access. To experience the Mobile IEEE Xplore beta, simply go to from any internet-enabled mobile device. You can perform a basic search, see up to 10 results ranked by relevance, and also view abstracts and citations. To view the full-text article, a user can email the abstract link to any email address and, if he or she is a subscriber, view the article by going to the main IEEE Xplore web site on their personal computer. Non-subscribers can purchase the full-text article or subscribe to the IEEE Xplore digital library. IEEE is actively seeking feedback on the beta. Users can provide their feedback via the “Feedback” link at the bottom of any page in the beta.

Look for enhancements in 2010 based on the beta feedback. Read the full press release.

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3. Publishing Conduct Committee Update on Plagiarism Issues

During the November Board Series meeting the Publishing Conduct Committee (PCC) reported on several issues related to the Prohibited Authors List (PAL). Upon a recent review of author misconduct cases, a number of cases were discovered where notifications had not been sent to authors regarding their being prohibited from submitting papers to IEEE publications.

The PCC highlighted the need to clarify the Plagiarism Guidelines regarding the Editors’ responsibilities. The Intellectual Property Rights Office staff has since worked with the Editors and the PSPB VP to send the appropriate author notification letters. To more effectively flag authors who are prohibited from publishing with IEEE, the PAL will be integrated into Manuscript Central so more effective monitoring can be maintained. This screening feature is expected to be in place by March 2010.

The PCC also worked with IPR staff to develop a “Plagiarism Review Checklist” to help Editors ensure all necessary steps have been or will be taken in all cases. The Intellectual Property Rights Office staff is distributing this checklist to volunteers at the outset of all new cases. For more information contact Bill Hagen at

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4. PSPB Operations Manual Updates

Several updates have been made to the PSPB Operations Manual (PDF download).

  • Section 8.1.1.I - Publication Policies now includes a new section on the Date of Publication in the footnotes of the journal articles and in the metadata record of IEEE Xplore. Specifically, IEEE defines the “date of publication” as the date that content was first made publicly available. All IEEE publications will include the date of publication, unless the sponsoring organizational unit has requested and received an exception from the Vice President – Publication Services and Products.
  • Section 8.1.3 - Presentation of Nontechnical Material has been edited to contain the much broader phrase “IEEE fields of interest” as well as to include a reference to the Society and Technical Council Fields of Interest statements in the TAB Operations Manual.
  • Section 8.2.1.B.8 – Authorship Responsibilities has been clarified to indicate that any fabrication or falsification of any aspect of a manuscript is unacceptable. The phrase “fabrication and falsification” has often been interpreted to cover only research data, analysis and results. The clarification was made to improve reader comprehension of the Section.
  • Section 8.2.1.B.13 – Authorship Responsibilities has been updated to include the requirements for authors to present their conference papers. Authors offering papers for presentation, or accepting an invitation to present a paper at an IEEE conference, are expected to be present at the conference to deliver the paper in person. It is the author’s responsibility to make appropriate substitute arrangements in the event they cannot be present personally. IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper (for example, not place the paper in IEEE Xplore) from distribution after the conference if the paper is not presented at the conference.

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5. Thank You and Happy New Year Wishes

It is with our sincerest wishes that we hope you have a wonderful holiday this season and that 2010 is a year filled with good health, happiness, hope, and prosperity.

Thank you for all of your efforts in 2009. IEEE is a stronger and more viable organization because of all you do. Your efforts in helping IEEE attain its vision and mission are appreciated!

Happy Holidays!