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Computer Society and IEEE Publishing Operations work together to achieve collaboration on journal production

Effective January 2014, Computer Society journal production will be integrated into Publishing Operations, enabling Computer Society to take advantage of the full range of tools and services offered by Publishing Operations.

The Computer Society editors-in-chief, authors, and journal production staff will be able to use tools and services such as the Workflow Management System, the Publishing Operations Production Portal, and the Author Gateway. The Computer Society will now be able to use such features as:

  • Transferring final, author-accepted manuscripts automatically from ScholarOne Manuscripts to the Workflow Management system for editing and production
  • Providing authors with the opportunity to review article page proofs and checking the status of their manuscripts in the queue through the Author Gateway
  • Providing editors-in-chief and Computer Society staff with the ability to track articles in the queue through the Publishing Operations Production Portal (POPP). POPP also provides useful information regarding pages published versus the annual budget and includes features like the ability to create an issue lineup and communicate with Publishing Operations staff

The move includes the transfer of some staff from the Computer Society to the Publishing Operations group, where they will join as full-time telecommuters.

The Computer Society will add 16 journals and over 24,200 edit pages to IEEE publishing operations in 2014. This collaboration benefits Societies that use the services of the IEEE Publishing Operations group by achieving greater economies of scale.

IEEE Publishing Operations appreciate the opportunity to provide services and tools for the IEEE Computer Society journals to work collaboratively with their team. Many thanks to Evan Butterfield and Angela Burgess, who have been instrumental in forging this relationship, and to Mary Ward-Callan for her support throughout these negotiations.

For more information please, contact Fran Zappulla, Sr. Director, Publishing Operations, and Dawn Melley, Director, Periodicals Editorial Services.


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Interactive Content Project, Digital Tools, and Author Services

Keeping in step with IEEE’s commitment to deliver the latest technological research via IEEE Xplore®, the Interactive Content Project, or “ICP,” has achieved some important milestones and has big plans for 2014.

An ICP progress report given at the 21-22 November meeting of the IEEE Publication Products and Services Board outlined some of the exciting new developments on the horizon, including a six-year project schedule, an update on the progress of content conversion, and a plan to deliver new digital tools, while also enhancing and extending existing author tools. Noteworthy was the delivery of 770,000 articles converted and available in IEEE Xplore in HTML format at the end of 2013.

ICP work will be completed over a six-year period: from its inception in 2011 through 2016. The scope of the project includes the conversion of all Journal, Conference Proceeding, Magazine, and Standards content back to 2001 to a standard XML format and an HTML format (for display in IEEE Xplore), the implementation of a plagiarism-detection tool, CrossCheck, and the development of digital tools to support authors and IEEE volunteers in the creation of content.

With a goal of providing a choice of services from IEEE, new tools are being developed with an emphasis on author collaboration, reference capture, and metadata capture. Also, in cooperation with the IEEE Conference Exchange Project (ICX), tools are being developed for conferences to facilitate article creation, submission, and peer review.

Much of this work is being done with the goal of providing a best-in-class experience to authors. IEEE offers a suite of digital tools for authors that facilitates manuscript submission and translates into a positive IEEE publishing experience. Some of these digital tools include: MSWord and LaTeX article templates, assistance with reference validation, a graphics checker, a PDF checker, tutorials, the IEEE taxonomy, online submission and peer review, and the Web-based Author Gateway for article proof review (only available through IEEE Publishing Operations).

For more information, contact Fran Zappulla or John Sivo.


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IEEE participates in CHORUS, an industry-sponsored open access solution

CHORUS (ClearingHouse for Open Research of the United States) was launched as a public-private partnership to assist US federal agencies in meeting the directive of the US Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) of 22 February 2013 for public access to peer-reviewed publications reporting on federally funded research. Publishers are uniquely positioned to support this effort as a public service, building on their communications of scholarly research and offering a solution based on existing infrastructure of their own digital platforms and the use of CrossRef linking and FundRef identifiers. FundRef was launched as a means to identify research funders in a standardized way that publishers will deposit and make available via this newest CrossRef service.

CHOR, Inc. was incorporated on 1 October 2013 and is applying for 501(c)(3) status as a public service. Although focusing on US efforts initially, the name of incorporation already hints that opportunities in the future may rise to leverage this service internationally to serve needs of funding agencies in Europe, Asia, South America, and elsewhere in the world.

IEEE is participating in the CHORUS project based on the IEEE Board of Directors endorsement of a five-point plan in 2011, which included support for Open Access initiatives and engaging in the OA debate. IEEE is participating in the CHORUS pilot program, which debuted on 7 Oct 2013, and contributed a small sample of 130 IEEE journal articles that were published between 2011 and 2013. IEEE engagement in the CHORUS program is managed under the supervision of the Publication Services and Products Board.


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Update on the PSPB Operations Manual Sections 8.1.8, 8.4.3, and 8.4.4 regarding advertising in IEEE Media products

An extensive project was completed in 2012 to render the PSPB Operations Manual (PDF, 1.3 MB) media neutral, not only for current practices but also for anticipated future practice, with one exception. Advertising in IEEE media required more time to complete because it needed to be coordinated with sponsorship practices for conferences and the definition of IEEE websites. The work was completed when the revisions were approved by the IEEE Board of Directors at their meeting in November 2013. The portions of the PSPB Operations Manual involved the existing Sections 8.1.8 and 8.4.3 and a new Section 8.4.4.

Section 8.1.8 covers the IEEE advertising "policy contents" of the Operations Manual, such as specifying the general requirements for advertising in all IEEE publications and products and enabling advertising in IEEE Region/Section publications, technical publications, newsletters, conference publications, and websites. The revisions now make that section media neutral, and the listing of applicable media types has been updated. Section 8.4.3 involves advertising procedures and is dedicated to the procedural differences between these procedures being handled by IEEE staff and/or by the volunteer. The changes are minor but clarify the conditions for IEEE staff or volunteers to sell advertising. Website advertising procedures have not previously existed in the Operations Manual, and the new content replaced removed contents in Section 8.4.4. This relocation required renumbering the existing contents of Section 8.4.4 to 8.4.5, and likewise for the existing Sections 8.4.5 and 8.4.6.


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IEEE establishes process for third-party posting

Having revised its author posting policy in late 2012, PSPB in 2013 approved a process to allow certain not-for-profit websites to host IEEE authors’ preprints and accepted versions. IEEE policy has long permitted authors to post their articles on their personal sites or those of their employers. The version that authors may post is the author’s version of the accepted article (not the final, published version). Besides these specified sites, authors may post preprints and accepted versions only on sites approved by PSPB; to date, the arXiv preprint server at Cornell is the only approved third-party site. Information for nomination and application of approved third-party sites is available on the Intellectual Property Rights Office web page.


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IEEE Job Site receives awards and continues global activities

The IEEE Job Site received online recruitment industry recognition worldwide in 2013. In March, Onrec, a UK-based magazine for HR directors, personnel managers, job boards, and recruiters providing information on the Internet recruitment industry, gave the Job Site an award for offline marketing at its annual industry recognition banquet in London. For the third time, Weddle’s has chosen the Job Site for its listing of top 100 online recruitment sites. Weddle’s publishes books, free information, and other resources about using the Internet to find a job and grow one’s career. It is considered the Zagat of the online recruitment industry.

The IEEE Job Site continued its marketing relationships with various IEEE Regions and Sections in 2013 to support IEEE’s efforts to increase its global activities. It is also actively working with IEEE MGA to assess the overall number of IEEE career offerings and their value to members.


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IEEE Newsstand App delivers IEEE magazines via iPad and iTunes

An app for the iPad has been launched that delivers electronic facsimile editions of IEEE magazines to iPad users. That app is now available in the Apple App Store. Developed for IEEE by vendor QMags, the app delivers IEEE Spectrum plus 11 Society magazines in one convenient place. Non-members can buy single copies through the iTunes Store or follow a link in the app to join IEEE. This is an initial step in IEEE's evolving mobile strategy to more closely integrate tablets and other mobile devices into IEEE's products and services.


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IEEE joins DataCite

IEEE this year joined DataCite, a global not-for-profit organization founded in London in 2009 with goals to increase access to data, establish research data as “legitimate, citable contributions to the scholarly record,” and support data archives “that will permit results to be verified and repurposed for future study.” Besides data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia, its members include institutions such as Harvard University Library, Microsoft Research, and the British Library. IEEE joined as an affiliate member, giving it the rights to participate in policy discussions and to share information on best practices in data publishing.


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