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2014 IEEE Publication Services and Products Board

2014 PSPB Volunteer Group Photo

1st Row Left to Right:
Lawrence Hall, Sheila Hemami, John Baillieul, Gianluca Setti, Anthony Durniak, Hulya Kirkici, David Hodges, William Moses

2nd Row Left to Right:
Timothy Wong, Josephine Germano, Charles Rubenstein, Babak Beheshti, Jennifer Bernhard, Jean-Luc Gaudiot, Carmen Menoni, Leung Tsang, David Tian

3rd Row Left to Right:
Stuart Bottom, Khaled Ben Letaief, Gaurav Sharma, Paolo Montuschi, Sorel Reisman, Tariq Samad, Glenn Gulak, Michael Pecht


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New IEEE Prohibited Authors List Database

An important tool in ensuring the high quality of IEEE’s publications is the Prohibited Authors List (PAL). This list contains the names of authors who have been banned from publishing in IEEE’s journals and conferences because they were found to have violated IEEE’s publishing conduct guidelines, usually because of significant plagiarism. To make this tool easier to use, the Intellectual Property Rights Office has just introduced a password protected online database version of the PAL.

The PAL was first circulated in February 2007 with just a handful of names. So it was relatively easy for a journal editor or conference program chair to check the list before accepting an article. By 2014, however, that list had grown to over 800 names. And the list is constantly changing because many prohibitions are for a limited time—typically one to five years. It was clear that an automated process was needed in order to effectively screen for prohibited authors.

In response to this need, the IPR Office, along with the Publishing Technology Department, developed the PAL Database for IEEE publication volunteers to compare their list of author names against a database of prohibited author metadata. The PAL Database includes an automated tool that compares a spreadsheet of author names and e-mail addresses against the database of prohibited authors, and it presents the results on screen (or in a downloadable file). The Database also allows users to input an individual author’s name or e-mail address for quick comparison against PAL metadata, or to browse the names alphabetically.

The PAL Database has just been released and is now available on the IEEE CrossCheck Portal Web site. Publication editors can begin using it immediately by logging in with their IEEE Web Account credentials. The PAL Database is always up to date with the most recent status of all prohibited authors. Editors who find a matching name are still advised to contact the IPR Office in order to confirm the identity of the author before taking any action.

To begin using the PAL Database, visit the CrossCheck Portal site. After logging in to the portal, the PAL Database can be accessed by clicking the blue icon at the right of the screen. If you have any questions about the PAL Database, or any other services offered by the IEEE IPR Office, contact


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The Data Conservancy, IEEE, and Portico receive Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant to connect publications and their linked data

IEEE and two partners in the data-curation field have won a $602,000 grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to support a two-year project to design and prototype infrastructure that connects published research literature and associated data sets for the long-term benefit of researchers worldwide.

Scholarly digital publications increasingly consist of distinct building blocks, including text, graphics, and data, which often reside in different repositories and are maintained by different institutions, employing different technologies. The project aims to meet the challenge of mapping and preserving the complex, evolving relationships of these components over the long term.

Joining IEEE in the effort are the Data Conservancy, a data-curation organization headed by Sayeed Choudhury, Associate Dean for research data management and Hodson director of the Digital Research and Curation Center at the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University; and Portico, a digital preservation service represented by managing director Kate Wittenberg.

IEEE is represented by Gerry Grenier, Senior Director, Publishing Technology. "Our aim is not only to preserve publications and data—either separately or together—but to preserve the relationships among them," Grenier said. "This project represents a big step forward in greater discovery, access, and preservation."


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Bell Labs Technical Journal and IEEE Xplore

IEEE has partnered with Alcatel Lucent to publish, host, and sell Alcatel Lucent’s Bell Labs Technical Journal (BLTJ) through the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library. The BLTJ was made available in IEEE Xplore on 30 April 2014.

Bell Labs Technical Journal, read and referenced by science-technology researchers and technology professionals in academic, research, and governmental communities, is transitioning away from a traditional quarterly journal to a more rapid-posting journal. Starting with the new rapid-style format, BLTJ will no longer be available in print. BLTJ will be publishing 26 new articles each year, rapidly posting new content every two weeks. Articles are expected to be shorter in length, about five pages on average. In addition to the new, rapidly published material, the database for this journal includes the historical backfile to 1922.

Bell Labs innovations enable Alcatel-Lucent to deliver leading products, solutions, and services that meet customers' mission-critical needs. Alcatel-Lucent will be in charge of content acquisition and peer review, while IEEE handles journal production, copy editing, publication, and graphics conversion.

The Bell Labs Technical Journal is included at no additional charge to institutions that subscribe to IEL and ASPP. Others can subscribe at $495 per year.


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IEEE Magazines earn 3 APEX awards for publication excellence

The 26th Annual Awards for Publication Excellence Competition, sponsored by the Editors of Writer's Web Watch (published by Communications Concepts, Inc.), were recently distributed.

APEX 2014 awards were based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the success of the entry—in the opinion of the judges—in achieving overall communications effectiveness and excellence.

Entries in design categories were judged solely on the basis of their graphic design. Writing entries were evaluated primarily on the basis of editorial quality. A total of 2,075 entries were evaluated.

The winners are:

Magazines, Journals & Tabloids (New)
IEEE Electrification Magazine, September 2013, Vol. 1, No. 1.

Cover image of Sep. 2013 IEEE Electrification

Feature Writing
IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine, December 2013, Vol. 7, No. 2, “Untangling the Dark Web” feature by Katianne Williams.

Cover image of Dec. 2013 IEEE WIE article "Untangling the Dark Web"

Design & Illustration (Photography)
IEEE PULSE, November/December, Vol. 4, No. 6, cover 1 (photo by 3D Systems).

Cover image of Nov./Dec. 2013 IEEE PULSE


Congratulations to all volunteers and staff involved.


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Fran Zappulla is the 2014 winner of the Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member Award

During the IEEE June Meeting Series, the IEEE Board of Directors named Fran Zappulla, Sr. Director, Publishing Operations, as the 2014 winner of the Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member Award.

The award honors a present or past full-time member of the professional team at IEEE with at least ten years of service who has had a substantial impact on the goals and objectives of IEEE. Individuals are nominated by the volunteers. The person should have substantial impact on the success of a number of IEEE initiatives and leadership in a number of staff activities.

In Fran's 25 years with the IEEE Publications Department, she has been one of the leaders of the department's shift to electronic publishing, significantly reduced time to publication, and dramatically reduced editorial production costs to society clients.

The IEEE Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member Award was created in 2005 by the IEEE Board of Directors, and is named in honor of Eric Herz, who has had a long and illustrious career as both a volunteer and staff member of IEEE. Eric has served in a wide variety of volunteer positions from the Sections to the Board of Directors. He has also served as the IEEE General Manager and Executive Director and contributed significantly to the growth and reputation of IEEE.

The award will be presented at the IEEE November 2014 Meeting Series.


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Updated IEEE Publishing informational brochure now available

ieee publishing brochure cover

"IEEE Publishing: Connecting Brilliant Minds," an overview of IEEE's publication program, has been updated and will be available in print at the IEEE Publications exhibit at IEEE Sections Congress, 22–24 August, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The updated brochure offers new sections on topical issues such as open access publishing, as well as information on the latest tools and services offered through IEEE's publishing programs. A digital version is available (PDF, 1.9 MB) and IEEE volunteers are encouraged to share it with their colleagues.


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