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Your portal to IEEE Xplore® digital library subscription training and tools

IEEE Client Services provides training and promotional materials to institutions and individuals who subscribe to IEEE Xplore digital library subscription products.


IEEE Xplore training

Search faster with better results by learning more about the powerful features of IEEE Xplore.

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Training options

Sign up for a free webinar or view a self-paced tutorial.


IEEE Xplore User Tips

IEEE Xplore User Tips

Learn tips and techniques to help you improve your search results and get the most out of IEEE Xplore.


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What's New @IEEE Xplore


IEEE Xplore promotional tools

Promote your IEEE Xplore subscription and help your team or organization become more productive.

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Promote your subscription

Access resources to help raise awareness and increase usage of IEEE Xplore.


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Contact IEEE Client Services

Contact the IEEE Client Services team for information about IEEE Xplore.

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Technical Support
Contact the technical support team for technical issues.
Worldwide +1 732 981 0060
US +1 800 701 IEEE (4333)

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