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Try one, try many – these resources will help increase usage of your subscription
In addition to customized, instant and regularly scheduled online training sessions, IEEE offers free digital support materials such as quick reference guides, posters and flyers, e-newsletters and e-mail alerts.


Print Materials and User Guides

Customized materials and quick reference guides are among the most effective and efficient ways to increase awareness of your IEEE Xplore digital library subscription. Download them with one click and start using them today!

»Select the print material and user guide right for you


Web Banners Linking Your Site to IEEE Xplore

Direct search boxes and Web banners – place these on your Web site to make using IEEE Xplore just a click away.

»Choose from a variety Web graphic options


Contact IEEE Client Services

Contact the IEEE Client Services team for information about IEEE Xplore.

Contact Information

IEEE Sales Representatives
IEEE Account Managers
IEEE International Dealers

Technical Support
Contact the technical support team for technical issues.
Worldwide +1 732 981 0060
US +1 800 701 IEEE (4333)

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