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Proven powerful. Every day, IEEE Xplore® helps researchers around the globe access the technical information they need. Here's what some of our customers have to say:


In the Aerospace & Defense Industry

“IEEE Xplore is essential for the rapid and thorough development of complex solutions expected by our customers—a whole universe of technical information is accessible."

- Howard Patterson
Electrical Engineer-Technical Staff, General Dynamics Worldwide


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In the Aerospace & Nanotechnology Industry

“Our scientists count on IEEE publications for the highest quality information in the field.”

- Dr. Meyya Meyyappan
Director and Senior Scientist, Center for Nanotechnology, NASA Ames Research Center


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In the Computer Hardware Industry

“IEEE Xplore is money well spent.”

- Farshid Aryanfar
Senior Member Technical Staff II, Rambus

“IEEE Xplore is the best research resource.

- Ingrid Huang
Design Automation Engineer, Rambus

“It seems like IEEE Xplore has the abstracts for every technological magazine or book ever published.

- Sanketh Rao
Engineer, Rambus


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In the Computing Industry

“Through its sponsorship of highly regarded technical conferences, topical meetings, outstanding peer-reviewed scientific publications, industry-shaping standardization committees and dedication to all of its members, IEEE has become the leading organization devoted to the advancement of technology and support of the global engineering community.

- Dr. Marc Verdiell
Director, Optical Technology Office Intel


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In the Power & Energy Industry

IEEE standards and technical papers are essential to the electrical engineering professional.”

- W. Kevin Wright
Senior Protection Engineer, Sacramento Municipal Utility District


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In the Semiconductor Industry

“IEEE Xplore provides the most useful knowledge about recent trends in semiconductor design, development, quality, reliability and failure analysis.”

- Yogesh Mishra
Principal Engineer, Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC)

“IEEE Xplore gives me foresight into the trend of future technologies.

- Bingxiong Xu
Staff VLSI Engineer, Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC)

“Access to IEEE Xplore is extremely important for developing new products—one key publication can save weeks or months of wasted effort.”

- James Nolan
Senior Technical Staff Engineer, Microchip Technology

“IEEE Xplore, and access to recently published research, is key to our competitiveness… Continuing to pursue “textbook” solutions to increasingly complex problems will not keep your company competitive. IEEE Xplore encourages wider exploration of new ideas and the payback is well worth the investment.

- Marquis Jones
Principal Design Engineer, Microchip Technology

“With IEEE, we have 24/7 access to the technical information we need at exactly when we need it.”

- Dr. Bin Zhao
Senior Manager, RF/Mixed Signal Design Engineering


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In the Academic Community

Patents, like science, build on earlier scientific and technological findings. Increasingly, the foundation for patents is coming from the scientific literature... our studies have shown that information technology (IT) patents in particular are becoming even more dependent on scientific literature, and that the largest percentage of the literature reference in IT patents is published in IEEE publications.”

- Anthony Breitzman, Ph.D
1790 Analytics LLC


“I have found IEEE publications consistently to be among the most valuable of resources in my research and professional career... I depend on IEEE publications as a reliable primary source of scientific and professional information, as do my colleagues and students.”

- Eugene H. Spafford
Professor and Director of the Purdue University CERIAS, Fellow of IEEE, ACM, and AAAS


“IEEE journals are a fundamental online resource at our institution, helping to make our collection among the best in the world.”

- Dr. Eleanor Baum
Dean of Engineering at The Cooper Union, NYC, Executive Director of the Cooper Union Research Foundation, Fellow of IEEE, ABET, ASEE and SWE


“IEEE Xplore is a strategic piece of our electrical and computer research content. Conference proceedings take our students beyond the literature and into the full breadth of the electrical and computer science fields. Faculty finds a place to publish, pursue research and locate colleagues. Students find tools for scholarly readings and career development.

- Dee Magnoni
Library Director, Olin College of Engineering


When I do literature search skills sessions for engineering or computer science students, I always emphasize IEEE Xplore. I tell them the scholarly literature is something their professors value enormously and that IEEE is the best source for it in their fields.”

- John Dupuis
Head, Science Library, York University


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