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IEEE is proud of our strong relationships with academic institutions around the world. Read what librarians from these schools had to say about their relationship with IEEE and the IEEE Xplore® digital library:

"IEEE journals are a fundamental online resource at our institution, helping to make our collection among the best in the world."

– Dr. Eleanor Baum
Dean of Engineering at Cooper Union in New York City
Executive Director, Cooper Union Research Foundation
Fellow of IEEE, ABET, ASEE and SWE

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"IEEE publications are an indispensable resource for any bioengineering and technology researchers."

– Dr. Metin Akay
Associate Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth College
Author of several prestigious books in the field of biomedical engineering

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IEL is a highly valuable engineering resource at INP Toulouse. Future engineers, Ph.D. students and researchers appreciate the high quality of the content, especially the conference proceedings.”

– Catherine Forestier
Head Librarian, Institut National Polytechinique Toulouse

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IEEE Xplore® is a strategic piece of our electrical and computer research content at Olin College. Conference proceedings and standards take our students beyond the literature and into the full breadth of the electrical and computer science fields. Faculty find a place to publish, pursue research, and locate colleagues. Students find tolls for scholarly reading and career development.

– Dee Magnoni
Library Director, Olin College of Engineering

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"I depend on IEEE publications as a reliable primary source of scientific and professional information, as do my colleagues and students."

– Eugene H. Spafford
Professor and Director of the Purdue University CERIAS
Fellow of IEEE, ACM, and AAAS

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What I like about IEEE Xplore is that it searches both journal and conference papers. Many times if you did not attend a conference, you will never have access to the proceedings; IEEE Xplore now eliminates that downside. Furthermore, when writing papers, you can download the citations from IEEE Xplore directly into your reference database instead of entering the information by hand (what a time saver).”

– Fabian M. Uriarte
Ph.D. Student, Texas A&M University

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When I do research search skills sessions for engineering or computer science students, I always emphasize the IEEE Xplore database. I tell them that the scholarly literature is something that their professors value enormously and that the IEEE is the best source for it in their fields. If they want good marks and, ultimately, good jobs then they need to take advantage of that incredible resource.”

– John Dupuis
Head Science Librarian, York University

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