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IEEE virtual journal
The IEEE Biometrics Compendium, an IEEE virtual journal, is a collection of previously published IEEE papers in specific scientific and technical disciplines, paired with value-added commentary from technology experts.


Features and benefits

Discover the IEEE Biometrics Compendium:

  • The first virtual journal published by IEEE
  • Published quarterly
  • Created by the IEEE Biometrics Council
  • Highlights various specific areas in biometrics
  • Contains commentary from experts on the IEEE Biometrics Council
  • Subscribers receive full-text PDF access to all articles referenced from the current year and past years

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How to subscribe

Subscription pricing to IEEE Biometrics Compendium virtual journal:

  • IEEE members and Society members: US$30
  • IEEE Student members: US$15
  • non-members and organizations: US$345

To subscribe to the quarterly IEEE Biometrics Compendium virtual journal, visit the product detail page.

For more information, contact an IEEE representative or email


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