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To recognize the excellent work of a large, medium, and small Section in the past year.
  • Large Section = 1,501 or more members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year
  • Medium Section = 501–1,500 members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year; new in 2014
  • Small Section = 500 or fewer members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year

  Submit a nomination via the online portal (deadline 15 May)  


Previous MGA award recipients

Nominators are encouraged to view previous recipients and activity highlights from recent award recipients and nominees to see examples of what achievements have been awarded in the past.


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Requirements and eligibility


Selection criteria

The following aspects and activities during the previous year form the basic criteria in selecting the Outstanding Sections. Questions pertaining to these aspects are included within the nomination form: 

Section Information

  • List of names and titles of all Section officers; Chapters in the Section; Affinity Groups in the Section; and Student Branches in the Section

Member Engagement

  • Community-service projects that projected positive visibility to IEEE
  • Technical programs
  • Professional programs
  • Educational programs
  • Programs co-sponsored with other professional/technical organizations
  • Student Branch programs benefiting IEEE Student members
  • Programs/efforts that facilitated interface between higher grade IEEE members and IEEE Student Branch members
  • Programs/efforts that facilitated improved industrial relations
  • Programs/efforts that facilitated improved government relations


  • Examples of awards presented by the Section to recognize IEEE members, non-members, firms, etc.
  • Examples of awards presented to the Section to recognize individual IEEE members or the Section, Chapters, or Affinity Groups

Member Recruitment and Communication

  • Comparison of statistics for higher grade membership and Student membership in the Section from this year to the previous year
  • Communication methods used to communicate with the general Section membership and frequency of communications
  • Efforts conducted by the Section to recruit new IEEE members and new Section volunteers
  • Efforts conducted by the Section to recruit and retain Student members

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Selection and award instrument

  • Three MGA Outstanding Section Awards will be presented annually:
    • One large Section
    • One medium Section - new in 2014
    • One small Section
  • Recipients will be selected by the MGA Awards and Recognition Committee and approved by the MGA Board at the June MGA Board Meeting.
  • Nominators and recipients will be notified in July.
  • Recipients will receive a plaque inscribed with the accomplishment.
  • The VP-MGA or Region Director will present the award at an appropriate Region event in which the Section Chair or representative of the Section will be attending; in the year of Sections Congress, the current recipient and two previous recipients will be properly recognized at Sections Congress.


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More information

Please email MGA Awards at if you have questions about the MGA Outstanding Section Awards or the MGA Awards Process.


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