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MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award

Mini Thomas (R10), Delhi Section
For outstanding innovation and leadership in IEEE member and student member development and engagement, global dissemination of the IEEE message, and collaboration across organizational units.


MGA Innovation Award

Carole Carey (R2), Baltimore Section
For innovative approaches to collaboration between IEEE organizational units, resulting in increased member engagement, new opportunities for member networking, and unique program agendas for technical and professional development.


MGA Leadership Award

Darrel Chong (R10), Singapore Section
For exemplary leadership and global contributions to IEEE, especially membership development and humanitarian activities in Region 10.

Victor Fouad-Hanna (R8), France Section
For distinguished leadership and outstanding contributions to IEEE and MGA operating units at all levels, improving relationships with and between IEEE members.

Krishnamurthy Raghunandan (R1), New Jersey Coast Section
For distinguished leadership and outstanding contributions at the Section and Region levels, serving IEEE for the benefit of its members and the engineering profession.


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MGA Achievement Award

Sateesh Babu (R10), Kerala Section
For continuous efforts in member engagement and development by promoting humanitarian technologies and fostering collaboration between the IEEE Computer Society and the Computer Society of India.

Christopher James (R8), United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Section
For extraordinary contributions in promoting professional and career development for IEEE student and young professional members, both nationally and internationally.

Maike Luiken (R7), London Section
For outstanding and dedicated service to IEEE, employing innovative and effective ideas to increase member engagement across academia, industry, and government.

Monica Mallini (R2), Northern Virginia Section For increasing member engagement and fostering collaboration between IEEE Sections, serving as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Scanner newsletter in Region 2.

Eiichi Ohno (R10), Tokyo Section
For promoting IEEE Milestones and for the success of the IEEE Technical Tour of Japan, through collaboration with geographic units, industry, and academia.

Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan (R10), Madras Section
For sustained excellence and pioneering contributions to IEEE global activities, particularly in developing and maintaining technology based IEEE humanitarian programs that facilitate multi-region collaborations and enrich the global member experience.


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MGA GOLD Achievement Award

Ajin Baby (R10), Kerala Section
For outstanding leadership in bringing students and young professionals together through innovative activities in IEEE Kerala Section and Region 10.

Manjunath Iyer (R10), Bangalore Section
For continuous support to the IEEE Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) and Student Transition & Elevation Partnership (STEP) events.

Mario Milicevic (R7), Toronto Section
For significant contributions to IEEE Student Transition & Elevation Partnership (STEP), MGA, and IEEE Toronto Section young professional activities.

Rayees Amar Nishad (R10), Kerala Section
For exceptional leadership and outstanding contributions to IEEE young professional programs in Region 10.

Josheel Pranlal (R10), New Zealand North Section
For supporting IEEE young professional activities in the IEEE New Zealand North Section through effective engagement with student branches and local professional organizations.

Muhammad Maroof Raza (R10), Lahore Section
For outstanding dedication and contributions to IEEE young professional activities in South Asia.


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