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The following MGA William W. Middleton Distinguished Service Awards have been presented.



Joseph V. Lillie (R5), Lafayette Section
For a life of committed and distinguished action for all members of IEEE.


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Evelyn H. Hirt (R6), Richland Section
For a career of exemplary service and inspirational leadership that enthusiastically promotes IEEE as a desirable professional home, and for mentoring volunteers around the world in support of MGA goals and strategies which emphasize member engagement and enhanced organizational unit cooperation.


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Robert S. Duggan, Jr. (R3), Atlanta Section
For a lifetime of outstanding leadership, support, positive thinking and a powerful influence that encouraged others to follow him in the spirit of his service promoting the IEEE geographic activities and the engineering profession. 


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Louis A. Luceri (R1)
For significant contributions and service in advancing IEEE Regional Activities, through excellence in sustained leadership and professionalism, with the development of goals, strategic & operational plans for use within Region 1 and the IEEE.


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Antonio C. Bastos (R9)
For inspiring leadership and dedicated service in promoting IEEE Region, Section and Chapter activities in Region 9, and at the international level.


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Robert T.H. Alden (R7)
For challenging IEEE volunteers and staff to maximize their use of electronic communications in all IEEE activities.


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Charles R. Wright (R5)
For outstanding service to Regional Activities and exemplary contributions in preserving the History of Electrical Engineering and presenting it to the public.


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Wallace S. Read (R7)
For Exemplary Service to the Regional Activities Board and for Contributions to the Regional Activities of the Institute Exemplified by his Outstanding Success in Organizing and Chairing Sections Congress '90.


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William W. Middleton (R2)
For a Career of Outstanding Contributions, Dedicated Service and Exemplary Leadership in Advancing the Regional Objectives of the IEEE.


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