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MGA Outstanding Large and Small Section Awards are awarded to one large Section and one small Section each year, for their successful efforts in fulfilling the educational and scientific goals of IEEE for the benefit of the public by maintaining, enhancing, and supporting the Student Branches, Technical Chapters, and Affinity Groups within their geographic boundaries.


This year's MGA Outstanding Section Award recipients

Large - IEEE North Jersey Section, Region 1

Congratulations to the following officers for their efforts. 

ChairNaresh ChandRussell Pepe
Vice ChairRussell Pepe / Har DayalAdriaan van Wijngaarden / Ajay Poddar
SecretaryAdriaan van WijngaardenChris Peckham
TreasurerKalyan MondalKalyan Mondal


Small - IEEE Green Mountain Section, Region 1

Congratulations to the following officers for their efforts.

ChairPascal NsamePascal Nsame
Vice ChairPaul HinesPaul Hines
SecretaryPeter HabitzPeter Habitz
TreasurerGene ShlatzGene Shlatz


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Outstanding Large Section Award recipients

20131IEEE North Jersey
20121IEEE Boston Section
20117IEEE Ottawa Section
20107IEEE Vancouver Section
200910IEEE Taipei Section
20089IEEE Peru Section
20073IEEE Melbourne Section
20062IEEE Pittsburgh Section
20057IEEE Ottawa Section
20041IEEE Long Island Section

Large Section = membership greater than 500 members


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Outstanding Small Section Award recipients

20131IEEE Green Mountain Section
20125IEEE Galveston Bay Section
20117IEEE London Section
20107IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section
20096IEEE Richland Section
200810IEEE South Australia Section
200710IEEE Shikoku Section
20065IEEE Oklahoma Section
20059IEEE Bahia Section
200410IEEE South Australia Section

Small Section = membership less than or equal to 500 members

In November 2003, the Outstanding Large and Small Section Awards were established.  These awards were presented as a substitute for the Outstanding Section Award.


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Outstanding Section Award recipients

200210IEEE Bombay Section
20012IEEE Philadelphia Section


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Activity highlights from this year's award recipients and nominees

The IEEE North Jersey Section (R1) is very active in the area of student activities.  The Section engaged a former Student Branch Chair to join the Executive Committee (ExCom) as the Student Activities Coordinator. Having a recently graduated member at ExCom meetings provides a good interface between students and higher grade members.

The Section works closely with the three universities in its geographic area, and the Student Branches work together, to organize many events at these institutions. Working together also promotes networking beyond the boundaries of the individual universities. IEEE Student Branches help in recruiting students, mostly by organizing interesting activities, such as educational and social events, tours to industrial research centers, and the North Jersey and Region 1 student paper contest.

The North Jersey student paper contest in February serves as practice for the regional student conference in March. This competition practices the students’ communication skills while discussing complex topics. It is a good exercise for students in dealing with pressure and expectations, and the setting encourages informal feedback. This event helps students to present and pitch ideas and research results.

The Student Activities Coordinator and Student Branch members meet to share ideas and directives, and the Student Activities Coordinator also works closely with the Section’s GOLD and WIE officers to organize events.

The IEEE Green Mountain Section (R1) provides volunteers to help local programs such as Vermont Engineers Week, University of Vermont Engineers Day, and the Technology Knowledge Fair for Boy and Girl Scouts.

The Green Mountain STEM Competition asks middle and high school students to invent a toy that will not only entertain, but ultimately empower kids to design and share their own inventions. The invented toy can use materials including up to two sensors or be totally digital (e.g., computer game). It must include a prototype, evidence of using the design cycle, and communication that markets playful invention to a potential toy manufacturer.

The Section holds various unique events, such as Engineering Design Night 2012, which celebrated the engineering profession and over 35 Capstone designs developed by teams of civil, electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering university seniors in collaboration with higher grade IEEE members.

The Section also conducts Technical Vitality Seminars on specific topics, and Technology Workshops and Conferences, which include various topics of interest.

The IEEE Denver Section (R5) appoints a GOLD Liaison and a Student Chapter Liaison to increase communication and encourage participation at the university level since 2010. The Section holds social meetings to bring GOLD members together to discuss common issues, including a barbecue meet and greet for students before the August Executive Committee meeting. This annual event includes a presentation by a guest speaker on a topic that is appealing to an audience of all ages. Student branch members and GOLD members are invited to come and network with the executive committee and learn more about being involved with IEEE after graduation.

The Section begins each calendar year with an officer training event, which all members are encouraged to attend. Attendees are taught about various IEEE leadership functions, such as job descriptions, communication tools, financial reports, and website capabilities. The Section also uses this training to promote a general understanding of IEEE as a business unit and how to run meetings. This keystone event also coincides with National Engineer Week activities.

The Section uses a LinkedIn group and a Twitter site to communicate to members, and are planning a Facebook site. The increase in the quantity and quality of electronic communications has been a key factor in retaining Section members.

The IEEE Panama Section (R9) has developed programs to involve more students and branches, such as scholarships and technical visits to local industries and factories related to electrical, electronics, computer science, and telecommunications. Panama Section and Chapter officers are also in contact with local university authorities to expand relationships and student participation in IEEE activities. The Section has also developed three scholarships to develop technical projects.

The Section is also partnering with another organization to promote the development of information technology in the country, to establish a framework for relations, and strengthen the productive sector and services. The partnership promotes the development of its members and human development, develops projects that support education and competitiveness of the sector, and strengthens networking and mutual synergies.


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