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MGA Outstanding Large, Medium, and Small Section Awards are awarded to one large Section, one medium Section, and one small Section each year, for their successful efforts in fulfilling the educational and scientific goals of IEEE for the benefit of the public by maintaining, enhancing, and supporting the Student Branches, Technical Chapters, and Affinity Groups within their geographic boundaries.


This year's MGA Outstanding Section Award recipients

Large - IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section, Region 6

Congratulations to the following officers for their efforts. 

  2015 2016
Chair Joseph Wei Joseph Wei
Vice Chair Michael Condry / Ramesh Ramadoss Ramesh Ramadoss
Secretary Yoo-Hsiu Yeh / Edward Aoki Yoo-Hsiu Yeh / Edward Aoki
Treasurer Jason Chan Jason Chan


Medium - IEEE Argentina Section, Region 9

Congratulations to the following officers for their efforts. 

  2015 2016
Chair Marcelo Doallo Marcelo Doallo
Vice Chair Gustavo Juarez Gustavo Juarez
Secretary Marisabel Rodriguez Marisabel Rodriguez
Treasurer Juan Codagnone Juan Codagnone




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Outstanding Large Section Award recipients

Region Section
2016 6 IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section
2015 10 IEEE Kerala Section
2014 10 IEEE Bangalore Section
2013 1 IEEE North Jersey Section
2012 1 IEEE Boston Section
2011 7 IEEE Ottawa Section
2010 7 IEEE Vancouver Section
2009 10 IEEE Taipei Section
2008 9 IEEE Peru Section
2007 3 IEEE Melbourne Section
2006 2 IEEE Pittsburgh Section
2005 7 IEEE Ottawa Section
2004 1 IEEE Long Island Section

Large Section = 1,501 or more members


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Outstanding Medium Section Award recipients

Region Section
2016 9 IEEE Argentina Section
2015 1 IEEE New Jersey Coast Section
2014 8 IEEE Croatia Section


Medium Section = 501 - 1,500 members

The Outstanding Medium Section Award was established in November 2013.


Outstanding Small Section Award recipients

2016 No award presented
20159IEEE Nicaragua Section
20149IEEE Panama Section
20131IEEE Green Mountain Section
20125IEEE Galveston Bay Section
20117IEEE London Section
20107IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section
20096IEEE Richland Section
200810IEEE South Australia Section
200710IEEE Shikoku Section
20065IEEE Oklahoma Section
20059IEEE Bahia Section
200410IEEE South Australia Section

Small Section = 500 or less members

In November 2003, the Outstanding Large and Small Section Awards were established.  These awards were presented as a substitute for the Outstanding Section Award.


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Outstanding Section Award recipients

200210IEEE Bombay Section
20012IEEE Philadelphia Section


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Activity highlights from this year's award recipients

The IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section (R6) is engaged with over 30 companies as part of their Corporate Liaison Program that promotes the IEEE initiative to engage the industrial community within which members work. Also, the Member Development Committee Chair held a New Members Welcome event, IEEE Day October 2015, and also led a phone campaign to contact members in arrears.

The IEEE Argentina Section (R9) is actively involved in many community service projects, such as SIGHT activities involving a number of people of non-IEEE organizations worldwide working on three projects: BIOTECH (autism diagnose and treatment), ARA (augmented reality for autism) and HOLOTECH (visual extension for blind people). The Section also interacted with various Argentinean government instances and has a number of signed ‘cooperation agreements’ (MOUs) with universities and other organizations, as a starting point to work together.


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