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MGA Innovation Awards recognize an individual or a team whose accomplishment/project is judged to be the most innovative and effective in fulfilling one or more of the goals and objectives of Member and Geographic Activities (MGA).



Mary Ellen Randall (R3), Eastern North Carolina Section
For pioneering, championing, and developing the MOVE Community Outreach Program, a comprehensive IEEE program for member engagement providing disaster relief and STEM education.


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Loretta Arellano (R6), San Fernando Valley Section
For exemplary innovation and leadership in leading the development of the MGA Volunteer Leadership Training program.


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IEEE AIYEHUM Team (All IEEE-R10 Young Engineers’ Humanitarian Challenge) (R10), Bangalore Section
For inspiring, enabling, and connecting young scientists and engineers to solve real-world challenges, applying science and technology, and building relationships between industry and academia.


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Carole Carey (R2), Baltimore Section
For innovative approaches to collaboration between IEEE organizational units, resulting in increased member engagement, new opportunities for member networking, and unique program agendas for technical and professional development.


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John Collins (R6), Orange County Section
For outstanding dedication to improving the IEEE member experience through numerous innovative accomplishments, resulting in increased membership and volunteerism, Chapter revitalization, and greater student participation.


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Jesus Daniel Sanchez Ruiz (R9), Peru Section
For outstanding efforts towards IEEE student engagement in Latin America through the development of the MORE IEEE.


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Ruey-Beei Wu (R10), Taipei Section

For his outstanding efforts in promoting IEEE membership, Chapters consolidation, and talents cultivation, especially initiating the Electromagnetics Education Initiative - Summer Camp Program.


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Marko Delimar (R8), Croatia Section
Ricardo Varela (R8), U.K.& Rep Of Ireland Section
For the creation, development, and implementation of the IEEEXtreme Programming Contest.


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Mini S. Thomas (R10), Delhi Section
Prijoe P. Komattu (R10), Madras Section
S. Gopakumar (R10), Kerala Section
For their inspirational development of the Global Integrated Network of IEEE (GINI) which will provide increased value of IEEE membership to the students of Region 10.


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Daniel Bellomo and Marcelo Doallo (R9), Argentina Section
For effective use of technology for knowledge-sharing and networking in the Argentina Section and throughout Region 9.


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No Award Presented


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No Award Presented


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Jose Antonio Jardini (R9), South Brazil Section
For excellent effort and contributions to the engineers and scientists of Latin America through the initial start-up and editing of the IEEE Latin American Transactions.


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Juan Carlos Miguez (R9) 
For innovation and exemplary leadership in the conception, realization and successful implementation of the IEEE Region 9 Voluntary Contribution Fund.


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Luis-Alberto Arenas (R9)
For his effective and innovative contribution in disseminating the IEEE among members through modern electronic medias.


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Manual F. Rodriquez Perazza and Juan R. Falcon (R9)
For establishing and promoting an electronic voting system through the web which significantly improved the decision making in IEEE Regional Activities.


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Dave Green, Charles Lord, and William Ratcliff (R3)
For developing an e-conferencing system that can be used by IEEE to improve communication.


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1999 and Before

Sandra Olivia Hildago Perez
and Santiago D. Diaz (R9)
For outstanding contributions towards membership recruitment and retention through the creation of the Region 9 GOLD video.

Gerald M. Karam
For aggressively developing and pursuing innovative solutions to the issue of student retention.

No Award Presented

No Award Presented

Jacek Chrostowski
Leadership in developing new electronic services for IEEE-Canada.

Pietre Botman
For the successful establishment of "VANIEEE" - the Vancouver Section's electronic bulletin board with connection to the Internet.

Paul Y.S. Cheung
(R10) and Hugo Fernandez Verstegen (R9)
For creating and producing ROOT, Resource Officer Orientation Training program, an interactive computer package for IEEE Volunteers.

David A. Conner
For initiating and developing the first multiple site video teleconference of an IEEE Region Executive Committee Meeting.

John J. Tary
For innovative development of exhibits to increase the visibility of Electrical Engineering to students and the public.

C. Satish
For extraordinary efforts in successfully creating and developing a continuing education and meeting center for the Hyderabad Section.

J.A. Watson
For exemplary effort in creating and producing an imaginative multi-media presentation at Sections Congress '90 illustrating the global spirit and substance of the IEEE.

Raymond D. Findlay
For exceptional leadership in the promotion and improvement of student activities in Region 7, primarily through the creation of leadership training workshops and new awards programs.

B. J. Cory
For creative leadership in the planning and implementation of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Section Forum on Safety and Engineering Systems.

Michael J. Whitelaw (
For Innovative Planning and Direction of the Highly Successful 1987 IEEE Sections Congress.

Richard J. Marceau
For Innovative Planning and Direction of the IEEE Participation in the Canadian Engineering Centennial Celebration.

William F. Wilkes
For developing the 'Consultants Network,' a unique model of Section activity for enhancing employment opportunities.

Robert T. Nash
For leadership in developing a model study of the quality of electrical engineering education related to the industrial need of Tennessee.

Ralph W. Russell, II
For inspired leadership in developing and implementing an innovative and novel educational program in electronics for the young mind at the 1985 National Boy Scouts Jamboree.

Charles Rubenstein
For outstanding leadership in Student Professional Awareness Conferences and in integrating all aspects of IEEE into Student Activities.

Edward F. Glass
For his foresight and initiative in establishing the McNaughton Learning Resource Center Program at Canadian Universities and Colleges.

Charles K. Alexander
For creative leadership and perseverance in developing Potentials Magazine and in sponsoring Student Professional Awareness Conference.


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