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MGA Leadership Awards recognize those individuals who have exhibited exemplary and substantive leadership of an extraordinary nature in implementing activities which support the goals and objectives of Meeting and Geographic Activities (MGA) at the local, regional, national, and/or international level.



Yousu Chen (R6), Seattle Section
For outstanding service to IEEE through distinguished leadership in IEEE activities at the local, regional, and national levels, increasing member engagement and enhancing collaboration.

Edward G. Perkins (R6), Oregon Section
For distinguished leadership and outstanding contributions at the Section, Region, national, and global levels, serving IEEE, IEEE members, and the engineering profession.

Celia Shahnaz (R10), Bangladesh Section
For leadership in engineering and technology driven innovative IEEE Women in Engineering activities for enhanced membership development and engagement in Region 10 and across the globe.


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Mario Alejandro Aleman (R9), Nicaragua Section
For inspiring leadership, enabling and connecting IEEE volunteers across Latin America in community-based appropriate technology projects, that have resulted in outreaching and helping over 100 underserved communities.

Edward M Aoki (R6), Santa Clara Valley Section
For many years of service to the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section and IEEE San Francisco Bay Area Council and tireless contributions to the fiscal stability of the Section, many of its Chapters, and the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference.

Timothy T Wong (R10), Western Australia Section
For outstanding leadership and volunteer contributions to humanitarian and membership activities across IEEE, especially in the Asia Pacific region.


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Babak Dastgheib-Beheshti (R1), Long Island Section
For dedicated leadership in serving IEEE members at the Section, Region, USA, and global levels, and for contributing significantly towards achieving the goals of the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board.

David G. Green (R3), Alabama Section
For dedication, commitment, and leadership in strengthening IEEE engagement with the member through MGA and in keeping the spirit of MGA moving forward.


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Darrel Chong (R10), Singapore Section
For exemplary leadership and global contributions to IEEE, especially membership development and humanitarian activities in Region 10.

Victor Fouad-Hanna (R8), France Section
For distinguished leadership and outstanding contributions to IEEE and MGA operating units at all levels, improving relationships with and between IEEE members.

Krishnamurthy Raghunandan (R1), New Jersey Coast Section
For distinguished leadership and outstanding contributions at the Section and Region levels, serving IEEE for the benefit of its members and the engineering profession.


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Ramalatha Marimuthu (R10), Madras Section
For inspiring leadership in transforming young engineers into socially responsible professionals and encouraging innovative IEEE Student Branch and Women in Engineering humanitarian activities across the Region.

Darwin Jose Raju (R10), Madras Section
For influential leadership and commitment to member engagement and promoting IEEE and Women in Engineering among young engineering professionals.

Anil Kumar Roy
(R10), Gujarat Section
For distinguished leadership and making outstanding contributions as a volunteer serving IEEE for the benefit of its members and the engineering profession.


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Ram Gopal Gupta (R10), Delhi Section
For distinguished leadership and outstanding contributions at the Section and Region levels, serving IEEE for the benefit of its members and the engineering profession by engaging local industry professionals and students.

Om Perkash (R10), Australian Capital Territory Section
For significant contributions and exceptional leadership in Region 10 and global student activities.

Darlene E. Rivera
(R1), New York Section
For innovative, influential leadership, encouraging member engagement and development in the IEEE New York Section.


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Wahab Almuhtadi (R7), Ottawa Section
For his distinguished leadership and outstanding contributions as a leader, at the Section and Regional levels, serving IEEE for the benefit of its members and the engineering profession.
Nita Patel (R1), New Hampshire Section
For her dedication to IEEE activities and programs at the Section, Region, and USA levels, and for contributing significantly towards achieving MGA goals.
Aleksandar Szabo (R8), Croatia Section

For his significant contributions in empowering IEEE member involvement and development in the IEEE Croatia Section and throughout Region 8.


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Cesar Chamochumbi G.  (R9), Peru Section
For outstanding leadership and contributions toward member development and activities of the IEEE Peru Section, Andean Council, and PES Chapter R9.

Ashutosh Dutta (R1), Princeton/Central Jersey Section
For distinguished leadership of the “Region 1 Southern Area Industry Day" and continuous efforts to engage members of the IEEE Princeton and Central Jersey Section.

Robert A. Reilly (R1), Berkshire Section
For developing and implementing an innovative process which encourages the expansion of IEEE activities throughout the world.


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Nirwan Ansari (R1), North Jersey Section
For his sustained leadership and tireless efforts to increase and maintain continuous engagement of the IEEE North Jersey Section members.

Anader Benyamin-Seeyar (R7), Montreal Section
For his dedicated leadership and significant contributions to serve IEEE and the engineering profession through continuous engagement efforts in the Montreal Section.

Tania Quiel (R9), Panama Section
For her leadership and commitment to promoting IEEE membership and activities throughout Region 9.


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Diane Bowen Collier (R5), Fort Worth Section
For outstanding long term contributions to Region 5 and the Fort Worth Section.

Dr. Dattatray Doke (R10), Bombay Section
For leadership in propagating awareness of industry applications of electrical & power engineering.

Gerry Kumnik (R2), Pittsburgh Section
For continuous, outstanding service and leadership to the IEEE Pittsburgh Section and Community through the IEEE Robot Car Race.


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Adam Skorek (R7), St. Maurice Section
In recognition of his dynamic leadership and significant contributions in promoting IEEE and the engineering profession.

Charles Lord (R3), Eastern North Carolina Section
For continued contributions to encourage IEEE members’ development through the creation and utilization of innovative tools.

Douglas R. Askegard (R6), Buenaventura Section
For outstanding leadership of the Buenaventura Section, significantly expanding its role in the Engineering community, and increasing Section membership and collaboration.


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Eric Holdrinet (R7), Montreal Section
For Leadership, a global vision, sustained contributions and support for the growth and development of IEEE in Canada, especially in Eastern Canada and Montreal.

K. Reed Thompson (R3)
For his many years of exemplary leadership, contributions and service to the IEEE, Region 3, the Regional Activities Board and the profession.

Jose Valdez Calle (R9), Peru Section
For outstanding and continued contributions to the IEEE Peru Section and its Student Branches creating the new leaders.


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Neville Jacobs (R2), Baltimore Section
For significant contributions and leadership in providing pre-college electrical engineering exposure to high school students through the Baltimore Section Robot Project Activities.

Durgamadhab Misra (R1), North Jersey Section
For promoting IEEE membership and activities within the IEEE North Jersey Section.

Hugh Rudnick (R9), Chile Section
For imaginative leadership in creating new services and products for IEEE members in Latin America.


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Ricardo Fernandez del Busto (R9) 
For the strengthening of IEEE activities and outstanding leadership in educational activities within Mexico.

Duane J. Ripperger (R5)
For exemplary efforts in promoting IEEE Student Activities and the Texas BEST Program.

Elisa Barney Smith (R6)
For outstanding leadership of the Boise Section.


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Subrata Mukhopadhyay (R10)
For sustained and dedicated technical and professional leadership to the IEEE Delhi Section and Region 10.

Margaretha Eriksson (R8)
For stimulating and promoting the formation of technical chapters and promoting the value of the IEEE membership at regional conferences within IEEE Region 8.

Engy Mohamed Samir Foda (R8)
For exemplary efforts in organizing successful 2002 IEEE Region 8 Student Branch and GOLD Congresses.


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Shyam N. Bajpa (R2)
For exemplary technical and professional leadership to the IEEE Washington Section which includes establishing a Sister Section relationship with the IEEE Delhi Section and inspiring enthusiasm in IEEE members and future engineers at the High School and College Levels.

Thomas A. Tullia (R2)
For exemplary leadership, dedication, commitment and service to IEEE Region 2, Section & Chapter Activities and the rejuvenation of the IEEE Northern Virginia Section.

Gozde Bozdagi Akar (R8)
For stimulating and excellent leadership in Student Activities in the IEEE Turkey Section, IEEE Region 8 and RAB Student Activities initiatives.


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K. Reed Thompson (R3)
For exemplary technical and professional leadership to the IEEE Virginia Mountain Section and Region 3.

Robert Walston (R2)
For exemplary technical and professional leadership to the IEEE Columbus Section and Region 2.

Mohamed El-Hawary (R7)
For sustained and dedicated leadership contributions to the IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section and IEEE Canada.


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1999 and Before


John R. Reinert
For dedicated leadership in identifying and developing local leadership and management processes for IEEE.

Horst W. Gerlach (R2)
For a lifetime of distinguished service to his profession, Susquehanna Section and Region 2.

Basil W. Osborne (R8)
For contributions to the successful and smooth functioning of the Region 8 Committee in the period 1985-1999.


James H. Beall (R3)
For the improvement of communications between the IEEE Florida West Coast Section and the Institute, and for outstanding leadership in the solicitation of, preparation for, and management of technical conferences in the Tampa Bay area.

Merrill D. Wittman (R7)
For outstanding contributions to the IEEE Vancouver Section in a sustained and effective leadership role to build and maintain the members' interest and enthusiasm in pursuing the goals of the IEEE Regional Activities Board.

Gerald W. Gordon (R2)
For exemplary leadership and synergy in many diverse areas over many years supporting specific membership, organizational, technical, educational and professional activities at the Chapter, Section, Region and Institute levels of IEEE.


John E. Martin (R5)
Presented in recognition of outstanding leadership as Chair of the Sections Congress 96 Organizing Committee.

David J. Kemp (R7)
In recognition of outstanding leadership, contribution, and achievement in establishing the GOLD program in IEEE.

Sandra Hidalgo (R9)
For her significant contributions to the development of IEEE Bolivia.


Deborah M. Powers (R3)
In recognition of a significant contribution effort in the development and production of the Region 3 Leadership Development Training Manual - the first formal regional training manual.

George Allerton (R2)
For long time service in diligently developing and administrating ongoing educational activity to meet the needs of the Lehigh Valley Section.


Vern R. Johnson (R6)
For extraordinary leadership in conducting a scholarship competition for high school students interested in engineering in Region 6.

Alan Triggs (R5)
For implementing effective strategies for membership recruitment, retention, recognition and recovery.


Jean Eason (R5)
For leadership in the establishment of strategic planning in Region 5 and employment programs for the Fort Worth Section.


Fumio Minozuma (R10)
For contributions to the formation of the IEEE Tokyo Section in 1955 and continuous support in Section and Chapter development.

A. Wayne Akerson (R6)
For organizing and revitalizing the IEEE Richland Section by developing an Organizational Task Team which resulted in scholarship programs, Chapter formations and a significant membership increase.


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