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This page explains choosing to affiliate with a neighboring Section instead of the one assigned based on your mailing address.


Requesting a Change of Section Affiliation

As an IEEE member, your mailing address automatically determines your Section affiliation.  However, you may choose to affiliate with a neighboring Section instead of the one assigned.  This is a common request from commuters who live near Section boundaries.

Once the change is made, you will receive meeting notices, newsletters and other information from the new Section, and only that Section.  You will be on the new Section's roster with the mailing address provided.  Contiguous Section affiliation status remains on your record until such time as it is manually removed.  If you relocate out of the area contiguous to the Section assignment requested, you will be automatically reassigned to the appropriate Section.

E-mail MGA Staff to make a request for change of Section affiliation.  The email must include name, address, member number, current Section, and the Section with which you wish to be affiliated.



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