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This page contains the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) vision, mission, guiding principles, goals, and strategies.


MGA vision

Ensure quality member opportunities for continuous engagement.


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MGA mission

Inspire, Enable, Empower and Engage Members of IEEE

For the purposes of:

  • Fulfilling the mission of IEEE
  • Enhancing the members growth and development through their life cycle
  • Providing a professional home

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MGA guiding principles

  • Membership is a core value of IEEE.
  • Members shape IEEE's future.
  • Members collaborate to create IEEE's future.
  • IEEE enhances members' future.


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MGA goals

  • Increase member engagement.
  • Improve relationships with and between members.
  • Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness within MGA and its interfaces.
  • Enhance collaboration with other organization units (MGA recognizes the intimate relationship between sections and societies and their chapters and will work with other organizational units of the IEEE to foster improved interaction).
  • Increase membership.
  • Increase the collaboration and cooperation between geographic units.
  • Enhance the membership-related information available to the member and the geographic unit.


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MGA strategies

  • Increase the value of IEEE membership.
  • Utilize member life cycle concept.
  • Provide a simple, consistent interface to members and prospective members.
  • Track member involvement and development.
  • Make the process of joining and maintaining membership simple and straightforward.
  • Facilitate member collaboration.
  • Become more transnational in look, feel, and language, consistent with the IEEE bylaws.
  • Strengthen the relevancy of IEEE membership to industry.


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