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This page includes product ordering information and photo samples of the IEEE products that are available for order.


Ordering information

Recognition products available include banners, certificates, officer pins, and plaques. These products are intended for use by sections, subsections, councils, chapters, and affinity groups.

Order form: Submit the online order form or print the order form (PDF, 190 KB) and fax it to + 1 732 562 6010. (You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and print.)

Payment: To simplify payment for the products, it is recommended that the cost be deducted from your unit's concentration bank account or next annual rebate. If payment is to be made through a concentration bank account, it is not necessary to send a check - the deduction can be made at IEEE. Payment via a concentration bank account or the rebate must have approval of the Section or Council Chair and/or Treasurer. 

Order acknowledgement: When an order is placed, you should receive an email confirmation within five working days. If you do not receive this confirmation, please email MGA staff at to verify that your order was received.

Postage and delivery time: Standard first class postage and handling charges are included in the prices listed on the order form.  Delivery time is two weeks for United States, four weeks overseas and Canada. Please allow four additional weeks for customized banners. 

Email MGA staff at with questions regarding product orders or call + 1 732 562 5518.


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IEEE small wall plaque

IEEE Small Wall Plaque

5" x 7" Plaque, wood with brass plate ready for local engraving (assembled)


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IEEE large wall plaque

Large IEEE Plaque

8" x 10" Plaque, wood with brass plate ready for local engraving (not assembled)


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IEEE officer lapel pins

IEEE officer lapel pins

Sample of a past section chair pin, member grade
Each office and grade has its own identifying colors

US$20 each pin


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IEEE banners

IEEE 3x5 Nylon Banner3' X 5' Nylon Banner
With only the IEEE logo - US$35

Lettering is available for customization, with the extra letters sewn onto the banner. This customization requires an additional four weeks to delivery time. The cost is US$4.00 per letter in addition to the US$35 cost of the banner.



IEEE Small Nylon Banner18" X 24" Small Nylon Banner
(There is no custom lettering available for this banner.)



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IEEE certificates of appreciation

Certificates are available in sizes 8½ x 11 and A4.

Certificate templates (8½ x 11 and A4) are also available upon request to create/print locally.


Customized certificate with signature of IEEE President US$15
As pictured with signature of IEEE President US$5







IEEE-cert-of-appreciation-no-signatureCertificate of Appreciation with one to four lines of text added US$12.50
As pictured: US$4








IEEE blank certificateBlank certificate with one to four lines of text added US$18
As pictured: US$4







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IEEE complimentary certificates of appreciation

The certificates pictured below are not for sale, but are mailed automatically at no cost to section, chapter, and affinity group chairs when they leave office.



















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