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The Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board partnered with Region 7 and the Quebec Section in hosting Sections Congress 2008 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada from 19-22 September 2008. 


Celebrating Volunteer Achievements Worldwide

This was the largest Sections Congress ever, including 1,072 attendees from 89 countries representing 293 Sections.   Early feedback from the participants viewed Sections Congress 2008 (SC'08) as a tremendous success.  We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and commitment to IEEE by the attendees.

The IEEE Honors Ceremony was held on Saturday evening, resulting in the largest attendance ever for an Honors Ceremony.  IEEE President Lewis M. Terman presented 22 awards at the ceremony, including the Medal of Honor to Dr. Gordon E. Moore, co-founder and chairman of the board, emeritus, of Intel Corporation. 

From these SC'08 Web pages, you will be able to access the material presented, find updates on the recommendations approved by the delegates, and view photos of the events.

Video highlights are available via, including the IEEE Honors Ceremony.

  • 2008 Sections Congress Highlights - Inspire, Enable, Empower and Engage
  • 2008 Sections Congress Opening Highlights
  • 2008 Honors Ceremony Program
  • Profile of 2008 Medal of Honor winner Gordon Moore

Update on SC08 Recommendations from Primary Delegates

The Congress provides a forum where the Section Chairs speak as the collective voice of IEEE to share and discuss their views for change.  Final recommendations from the attendees were ranked, and the top ten were presented to the IEEE Board of Directors at its November meeting.  The MGA Board has agreed to take ownership of each recommendation and will provide updates to SC08 attendees on a regular basis.  Progress reports on each recommendation are available.