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IEEE Sections Congress 2011 Logo - Empowering Members to Create the Future

The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board partnered with Region 6 and the San Francisco Bay Area in hosting the IEEE Sections Congress 2011 in San Francisco, CA, 19–22 August 2011.


Empowering members to create the future

The Sections Congress 2011 was a very successful event and was the largest Congress attended to date. A total of 1,133 attended from 92 countries with representatives from 294 Sections and 41 Technical Societies/Councils. The Congress included a total of 33 different breakout session topics, with a total of 84 speakers. These sessions will be incorporated into the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence.

The IEEE Honors Ceremony was held on Saturday evening. IEEE President Moshe Kam served as the Master of Ceremonies, along with co-presenter IEEE President-Elect Gordan Day. A total of 27 recipients were recognized, including the Medal of Honor recipient, Morris Chang. 

Social media enhanced the Congress this year, such as using a blog to receive comments regarding this year's recommendations. Additionally, the SC2011 Facebook page generated comments from recipients around the world, and Twitter was utilized to promote and encourage individuals to view the sessions both recorded and fed live via


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Top five IEEE Sections Congress 2011 recommendations

The Primary Section Delegates voted on the IEEE Sections Congress 2011 Recommendations during the closing ceremony on Monday, 22 August. The following are the top five recommendations:

  1. IEEE to develop a comprehensive long-term strategy to increase the number of next-generation youth pursuing science and engineering careers.
  2. As members maintain their IEEE membership over their years, IEEE must reward them for their loyalty. Rewards ought to be tangible and useful and can be done simply and inexpensively. Create Global Fidelity Programs including: (a) continue membership Recognition 5-10-15-20 years of membership; (b) bonus for specific Benefits (e.g., reduced fee, IEEE merchandise, etc.).
  3. IEEE membership (including e-Membership) should include a Society membership as part of the basic membership fee.
  4. Increased support to students in technical activities with grants to attend conferences and organization of technical competitions.
  5. To encourage interest in pre-university students in engineering careers, IEEE to publish a subscription periodical (paper or electronic) targeted to high school students that highlights engineering activities of interest to those students. The periodical should also have articles promoting the benefits of an engineering career and what the students can do in college to get involved with IEEE.

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