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What is Sections Congress?

Sections Congress is a triennial gathering of IEEE grassroots leadership to

  • network with other Section leaders;
  • attend training programs;
  • develop recommendations to guide the future of IEEE.

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Where and when will it be held?

SC2011 will be held in San Francisco, California, USA, 19 - 22 August 2011.

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What is a primary Section delegate?

  • A primary delegate is a member of the Section designated by the Section Executive Committee to represent the Section at Sections Congress. 
  • It is strongly encouraged that the individual be a first time Sections Congress attendee, and the Sections should try to fund a younger member (i.e., GOLD).
  • The primary delegate must be of Graduate Student Member grade or higher in the Section. 
  • A Section must be current in all reporting requirements in order to send a primary delegate.   A Region Director can approve an exemption to this requirement.


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Why should my Section send a representative?

It is the opportunity for IEEE representatives from all over the world to participate in an event which provides them with the tools and training to assist their unit in focusing their activities solely on the member and increase members’ participation in IEEE activities.


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How do I register for SC2011?

Registration will be available on or about Monday, 3 April 2011. 

For primary Section delegates:

  • A discount code has been established for each Region.
  • The code will be provided to the Region Director, Treasurer, and Regional SC Coordinator for distribution to primary delegates and/or appropriate Region Volunteers. 
  • If this code is used and it is not for a primary Section delegate, the Region will be responsible for the registration fee.

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How do I register for my sleeping room?

Individuals are asked to make a reservation directly with the hotel.  A specific reservation URL will be provided prior to 1 April 2011.


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What is the expected cost to attend SC2011?

  • US$525 - Registration *
  • US$780 - Sleeping Room (3 nights)*
  • US$200 - Miscellaneous expenses
  • US$1,505 - Total

* Covered by MGA for primary delegates

Average Airfare

  • US$400 - within USA and Canada
  • US$1,000-$1,200 - Outside North America

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Who is responsible for my travel expenses to attend SC2011?

  • Each individual is responsible for his/her own travel expenses to attend SC2011.  In most cases, expenses may be submitted for reimbursement. 
  • In many cases, each Section has budgeted funding for Section representatives to attend.  In some cases, each Region provides some funding to the Sections.
  • Primary Section delegates:  The registration fee and sleeping room expenses (3 nights) associated with the primary delegates from each Section will be covered by the MGA Board.  Typically, the Section covers the transportation and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Other Section representatives:  Typically, the Section covers all of the expenses for other approved representatives from the Section.


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I am speaking and/or presenting a Poster.  Who will cover my expenses?

Speakers should be aware that funds are not available within the Sections Congress budget to pay for speaker travel.  Additionally, speakers will receive no monetary compensation for their participation.  Unless the speaker is also a primary delegate, the speaker will also be responsible for the registration fee (which covers meals at SC2011).  Sponsors or funding support should also be identified at the time the speaker is nominated.  If no funding support is immediately identifiable for a particular speaker, the nomination may still be submitted, as sponsorship may be identified at a later time.  In the past, Regions, Section, Chapters, or other IEEE units have covered the expenses of speakers.


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I have specific dietary needs, how can I ensure they will be accommodated?

Please provide this information on your SC2011 registration.  When planning the menus for SC2011, specific dietary needs will be taken into account (vegetarian, diabetic, etc.).


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What other meetings are being held with SC2011?

See the schedule listed as part of the program schedule.