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Second Life® is an online virtual world with many users, or "residents," who take the form of 3D avatars. Residents interact with objects and other residents as they navigate a vast 3D space. Second Life offers a variety of useful capabilities. 


What is IEEE Island?

IEEE Island in Second Life is IEEE's virtual-worlds presence. It is intended to support the needs of IEEE members, volunteers, and staff; to provide information about IEEE, engineering, and technology to the public and the IEEE community; and to facilitate participation in IEEE activities.

IEEE Island is open for the public to visit and explore. In addition, IEEE groups are encouraged to use IEEE Island and incorporate it into their work. If your group would like to have an area set up for its use, please contact Jay Iorio (Thomasalva Ewing in Second Life).


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How can Second Life be used?

Second Life can be used for a variety of purposes. Some examples:

Meetings — IEEE Island has numerous locations specifically designed for gatherings of all sizes.

Lectures, presentations, events — IEEE Island has several locations where groups can hold events such as parties, live performances, and physical-world/virtual-world hybrid events.

Machinima —Machinimatography is the process of creating videos within a virtual environment. In Second Life, controllable sets, actors, lighting, objects, etc., offer a powerful creative environment in which to create video content.

Live content display — With some limitations, Web pages can be displayed with full interactivity in Second Life. This opens the possibility of an alternative interface for a large Web site, with Web changes automatically reflected.

3D data visualization — Complex data might best be rendered in 3D. An avatar could literally walk through a representation of data, perceiving inter-relationships and patterns that would be opaque in a 2D representation. Second Life offers a relatively simple, flexible environment in which to experiment along these lines.

Education and tutorials — A building can be designed to walk a visitor through a specific learning process, with choices and various outcomes—in effect, using the familiar forms and cues of architecture to structure a cumulative learning experience.

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Create a Second Life account

To take advantage of this IEEE resource, you will first need to create a Second Life account. As part of your registration, you will choose a name and create an avatar. You will be able to modify the avatar at any time, but you won't be able to change your name.

  1. Go to Second Life's Web site and click the "Join Now" button.
  2. Download the Second Life Viewer and install it.
  3. Launch the Second Life Viewer and log in.

How to get to IEEE Island

Once your Second Life viewer is running and you're logged in, you can reach IEEE Island in two ways:

From the Web:

  1. Go to the IEEE Island Web page on
  2. Click "Visit this location."
  3. Click the "teleport" button in the new window that opens in your Second Life browser.

From within Second Life:

  1. Open the World Map.
  2. Type "IEEE" (no quotes) in the field next to the "Find" button.
  3. Click "Find."
  4. Select "IEEE" from the list.
  5. Click the "Teleport" button.

Once you've arrived on IEEE Island, you can create a Landmark, which will allow you to visit the Island any time simply by double-clicking the Landmark.