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The IEEE Board of Directors is comprised of the three IEEE Presidents; the Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and Presidents of the six major boards; the ten Region Directors; the ten Division Directors; and the Directors Emeritus.


List of 2014 IEEE Board of Directors

  • IEEE President and CEO: Prof. J. Roberto de Marca
  • IEEE President-Elect: Dr. Howard E. Michel
  • IEEE Past President: Dr. Peter W. Staecker
  • Director & Secretary: Dr. Marko Delimar
  • Director & Treasurer: Mr. John T. Barr
  • Director & Vice President, Educational Activities: Prof. Saurabh Sinha
  • Director & Vice President, Publication Services and Products: Prof. Gianluca Setti
  • Director & Vice President, Member and Geographic Activities: Dr. Ralph M. Ford
  • Director & President, Standards Association: Ms. Karen Bartleson
  • Director & Vice President, Technical Activities: Dr. Jacek M. Zurada
  • Director & President IEEE-USA: Dr. Gary L. Blank
  • Director & Delegate, Region 1: Rev. Vincent P. Socci
  • Director & Delegate, Region 2: Prof. Parviz Famouri
  • Director & Delegate, Region 3: Mrs. Mary Ellen Randall
  • Director & Delegate, Region 4: Ms. Karen S. Pedersen
  • Director & Delegate, Region 5: Dr. J. Derald Morgan  
  • Director & Delegate, Region 6: Mr. Michael R. Andrews
  • Director & Delegate, Region 7: Prof. Amir G. Aghdam
  • Director & Delegate, Region 8: Dr. Martin J. Bastiaans
  • Director & Delegate, Region 9: Prof. Norberto M. Lerendegui
  • Director & Delegate, Region 10: Prof. Toshio Fukuda
  • Director & Delegate, Division I: Dr. Ellen J. Yoffa
  • Director & Delegate, Division II: Dr. Jerry L. Hudgins
  • Director & Delegate, Division III: Dr. Harvey A. Freeman
  • Director & Delegate, Division IV: Prof. Jozef W. Modelski
  • Director & Delegate, Division V: Ms. Susan K. Land
  • Director & Delegate, Division VI: Prof. Bogdan M. Wilamowski
  • Director & Delegate, Division VII: Ms. Wanda K. Reder  
  • Director & Delegate, Division VIII: Mr. Roger U. Fujii
  • Director & Delegate, Division IX: Prof. Marina Ruggieri
  • Director & Delegate, Division X: Prof. Stephen Yurkovich
  • Director Emeritus: Mr. Eric Herz
  • Director Emeritus: Mr. Theodore W. Hissey


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IEEE Staff

  • Executive Director: Dr. E. James Prendergast
  • Staff Executive, Corporate Activities: Dr. Elena Gerstmann
  • Staff Secretary: Ms. Julie Eve Cozin


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