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The IEEE newsroom features the latest news from IEEE around the world.

Find recent and past news related to IEEE hot topics, technical experts, products, awards, services, and events.

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Recent news releases

28 October 2015 IEEE Drives Enterprise and Innovation at Web Summit
IEEE announced its participation in this year’s Web Summit. Taking place from 3 November to 5 November in Dublin, the Summit has become one of the world’s most influential and international tech events.
28 October 2015 IEEE and SMPTE® Make SMPTE Motion-Imaging Technology Standards and Articles Available in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library
IEEE and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE), a leader in motion-imaging standards and education for the communications, media, entertainment, and technology industries, announced today that the SMPTE Digital Library has been incorporated into the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
19 October 2015 Hundreds of eLearning Library Courses Now Available in IEEE Xplore®
IEEE now offers more than 400 eLearning courses through the IEEE eLearning Library in the newly mobile-optimized IEEE Xplore.
15 October 2015 IEEE Survey Indicates When it Comes to Driverless Cars - You Can Take Me, but not My Kids
IEEE released global survey results indicating a number of challenges in regards to the future of driverless vehicles. Respondents indicated that they wouldn’t feel comfortable with driverless vehicles transporting their children, as well as safety and trust in technology being the main barriers to consumer adoption.
9 October 2015 Karen Bartleson Elected 2016 IEEE President-Elect
IEEE announced that Karen Bartleson, Senior Director of Corporate Programs and Initiatives, Synopsys, Mountain View California, USA has been selected as the 2016 IEEE President-Elect.
30 September 2015

Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE) Journal of Power and Energy Systems Now Available in IEEE Xplore Digital Library
The CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems, an international journal featuring the latest research in power and energy systems, is now available in the IEEE Xplore digital library.

28 September 2015

IEEE Launches IEEE Collabratec™ Enabling Technology Professionals to Network, Collaborate, and Create
IEEE announced the launch of
IEEE Collabratec™, a suite of online tools that enables technology professionals around the world to network, collaborate, create, and discover new career opportunities — all within a centralized hub.

15 September 2015

IEEE Intelligent Transportation Roundtable Discussion
On Friday, 28 August a live roundtable discussion with the brightest minds in the driverless vehicle industry was held.  The panel of experts examined the current state of the industry, as well as the future as it relates to technology, policy, and ethics.

19 August 2015 Time's Up: IEEE Timeline Finds that Younger Generations are Playing Video Games for Shorter Periods of Time
One of the most common behaviors of gaming aficionados over the years has been to sit for hours at a time playing with, or against, fellow gamers across the world, but recent findings from IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, has dispelled myths of the “traditional” gamer.
22 June 2015 Tech Royalty Predict the Impact of their Contributions to World-Changing Technologies of the Future
Pioneers of fundamental technological advances like nanotechnology, programming languages, digital storage, and advanced automotive safety technology were honored at the annual IEEE Honors Ceremony Gala in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria on 20 June.
3 June 2015 The achievements of IEEE Life Fellow Mildred S. Dresselhaus will be recognized with the IEEE Medal of Honor during the IEEE Honors Ceremony on 20 June in New York City, NY, USA. The event will be streamed live on beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET (2230 UTC-04).
14 May 2015 IEEE Xplore Digital Library Celebrates 15 Years of Information Driving Innovation
IEEE is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its IEEE Xplore Digital Library, which provides online access to millions of the most cited articles in engineering and technology.
8 April 2015 It’s All Up In Your Head!
IEEE released global survey results indicating that the human mind will be the technology of choice to control devices used in everyday life in 2025.
17 March 2015 IEEE and SMPTE® Partner to Bring Leading Content in Motion Imaging to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library
IEEE has announced a partnership with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®), the worldwide leader in motion-imaging standards and education for the communications, media, entertainment, and technology industries.
8 Feb. 2015

IEEE Statement Regarding Updating of its Standards-Related Patent Policy
The IEEE Standards Association (“IEEE-SA”) provides a neutral body to foster the development of standards. IEEE-SA has established rules that must be followed in all IEEE standards development activities.

18 Dec. 2014 Dr. Barry L. Shoop Elected 2015 IEEE President-Elect

Barry L. Shoop, IEEE Fellow and Professor and head of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the United States Military Academy at West Point, has been officially certified as the 2015 IEEE President-Elect.



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