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The IEEE Public Visibility initiative, a Board of Directors-endorsed, multi-year, multi-million-dollar project, is a communications initiative that seeks to increase IEEE's visibility and create a global voice for the engineering profession. The program is designed to:  

  • increase the public's understanding of how engineering, computing, and technology benefit humanity;
  • establish the pride and prestige of the profession;
  • position IEEE as the world's trusted source and forum.

We encourage you to visit this Web section frequently, as it will serve as a central repository for background information, presentations, and project milestones.


A message from Diogo Mónica, Chair, 2014 IEEE Public Visibility Standing Committee

Diogo Monica headshot

Welcome to the IEEE Public Visibility Committee!

In 2014, the Public Visibility Initiative will continue to operate as a Standing Committee of the IEEE Board of Directors. Our mission is to position IEEE as the world's trusted source for engineering, computing, and technology information around the globe, advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity.

During 2014, the Public Visibility program will build upon the efforts initiated in 2012, notably in highlighting IEEE technical icons and expanding our presence across six focus geographies on timely technology topics, ensuring members, academia, and industry understand the value, breadth, and resources of IEEE.

The goals of the Public Visibility program remain central to our mission: to establish IEEE as a recognized global brand, to position IEEE as a thought leader on prominent issues globally, and for IEEE and its members to be sought after as foremost experts on technology issues and trends around the globe.

For 2014, Public Visibility will focus on four areas in developing a position of recognized global excellence:

  • media recognition;
  • key technology area awareness;
  • ambassadors and advocates;
  • social media development and expansion.

On behalf of the entire Public Visibility Committee, we look forward to receiving feedback on our program and sharing progress as we work to "Establish Global Brand Recognition and Thought Leadership" for IEEE.

Diogo Mónica, Chair, 2014 IEEE Public Visibility Committee


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