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Below is a list of commonly asked questions related to the IEEE Technical Program Integrity Initiative.


Frequently asked questions

Q - IEEE has sent a notification that the proceedings from this conference will not be included in IEEE Xplore® because they are out of scope. What is the scope of IEEE Xplore?
- Content in IEEE Xplore must contain a significant electrical (and related) engineering component.

Q - Can you give examples of out of scope papers from this conference?
A - IEEE only declines publication in IEEE Xplore of conference proceedings from conferences that have at least several papers outside of the scope of IEEE Xplore. Please note that this is not a judgment on the quality of these papers, merely that they are not within the scope of IEEE Xplore.

Q - How many out-of-scope papers can the conference proceedings have?
A - The conference proceedings should not have any out-of-scope papers.

Q - Can the in-scope papers be included in IEEE Xplore?
A - No. The Technical Program Integrity Committee accepts or rejects the complete conference proceedings, not individual papers.

Q - How can a paper be within the stated scope of the conference but not in the scope of IEEE Xplore?
A - IEEE sponsorship of a conference, even those with a broad scope, is separate from IEEE approval of that conference's proceedings for publication in IEEE Xplore. All IEEE Xplore content is made available for indexing; therefore, such content must be within the scope of both IEEE and its indexing partners.


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