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Insurance is a valuable benefit, and IEEE works with many top companies to offer a variety of protection plans for life, home, auto, and other personal and professional needs.

IEEE-sponsored insurance plans* are portable, hence members can be protected even if they change employers. Additionally, some products can provide coverage from country to country.

* Only active Professional, Graduate Student, or Student members are qualified to participate in the IEEE Member Group Insurance Program. Product eligibility may vary by country, state, or province. Please check plan details for eligibility, terms and conditions, exclusions, rates, and other information.


Group medical insurance for India

IEEE members in India who wish to purchase affordable medical insurance for themselves and their families may enroll in an insurance plan supported by IEEE.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a resident of India
  • Must be an active member in good standing at the time of enrollment and claim
  • Insurance may be in force as long as the plan is active, the member is eligible to be insured, and the premium is paid

New members can enroll: New IEEE members may enroll into the program and obtain insurance for themselves and their families. However, the PEDs (pre-existing disorders) are not covered for 6 months for new IEEE members and their families.

Ongoing IEEE membership will be required in order to renew the insurance every year.

Coverage highlights: The India medical insurance plan is underwritten by the National Insurance Company, LTD.  An eligible member may enroll and include in the coverage his or her spouse, children, and parents or in-laws (terms and conditions apply). The service partner, MediAssist, provides a user-friendly portal for enrollment, payment, claims, and any support needed. 

Top reasons to choose this IEEE medical insurance plan:

  • Great rates: National Insurance Company Ltd. has offered comprehensive benefits and best pricing.
  • Easy to purchase: Simply go to the insurance registration portal to enroll.
  • Simple payment: Annual premium can be paid in Rupees through the payment gateway (via credit card, debit card, online transfer, etc.).
  • Portable: As a resident of India, no matter where you work or study, or whether you are unemployed or self-employed, your insurance will continue.*
  • Complete family: The policy covers member, spouse, children, parents, or parents-in-law.
  • Choose coverage: The member can choose the insurance coverage from Rs. 200,000 to Rs. 1,000,000.
  • Wide age range: The policy covers up to age 85 for self, spouse, parents, and parents-in-law and 0-25 years for dependent children at time of enrollment. There is no age limit for renewed policies.
  • Complete coverage: The plan covers PEDs (pre-existing disorders) for insured members and family; however, new IEEE members will not be covered for PEDs for 6 months.
  • All India coverage: National Insurance and MediAssist have enrolled hospitals all over India and thus provide good support in most cities and good hospitals.
  • New coverage: For new members who enroll in 2017, the policy is effective from 1 April 2017 through 31 March 2018*. The policy year has started and is open for enrollments.  Members in India may enroll until 30 June 2017 to the new program.

* Insurance may be in force as long as the plan is active, the member is eligible to be insured, and the premium is paid.




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International insurance for IEEE members

Clements Worldwide

IEEE members based in EMEA, Latin America and Caribbean, and Asia Pacific now have access to a global insurance marketplace. The Marketplace, powered by Clements Worldwide, allows members seeking insurance to easily gain knowledge of international insurance, review programs, and obtain quotes online. 

Clements Worldwide offers an international term life insurance plan that requires no lengthy application process and no medical tests. Enroll today and receive a complimentary 60-day coverage.  


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Auto and home insurance (US and Canada)

 Liberty Mutual: Auto & home insurance for the US           the personal

IEEE members in the US and Canada can save on auto and home insurance through our exclusive programs with Travelers and Liberty Mutual (US) and The Personal (Canada).

Sign in with your IEEE Account for details on these programs:


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Testimonials for IEEE-Sponsored Insurance

  • Thomas Fulton for Professional Liability Insurance:

    “Starting up my new company, I am obligated to have professional liability insurance to provide service to my clients.”

    “I bought the overage to protect my business and myself. The relationship with IEEE is what decided it for me.”
  • Pankaj Goyal for Auto Insurance from Travelers:

    "Every year I engaged in the ritual of home and auto insurance shopping as the premiums kept increasing. Then I learned about the IEEE discount for Travelers Insurance. My family rates, even with a young driver in our household, were unbeatable; they even gave a good student discount. My savings more than pay for my IEEE dues."
  • Dan Hosseinzadeh for IEEE Auto & Home Insurance in Canada:

    “I was aware of the IEEE group rate with Personal Insurance for several years but I was pretty happy with my existing insurance policy at that time - so I never tried to get a quote from Personal."

    "When I did though, I was pleasantly surprised! I saved a bunch on my insurance and got a superior policy - with greater liability coverage and better benefits. I even got my home insurance from The Personal.”
  • Joseph Burns for IEEE Term Life Insurance:

    "I recently retired from the military and needed to replace my Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI) with a competitively priced commercial policy."

    "After a thorough study of the available life insurance plans from several companies, I learned that the IEEE Group Term Life Plan provided the best coverage at the lowest price of any of the competitors. The clear choice for me was the IEEE Member Group Insurance Program."
  • S. Richter for Professional Liability Insurance:

    “I purchased the IEEE plan for 3 reasons: 1) Reputation. 2) Livelihood of those who work here. 3) A large claim could put us out of business.”

    “I comparison-shopped before buying. The PRICE WAS BETTER than the other policies we looked at. The price was what made the decision."
  • Mary Ellen Randall for Professional Liability Insurance:

    "When shopping for Professional Liability Insurance, I compared several quotes. After applying through IEEE, it was a pleasant surprise to learn how much I could save."

    "The savings more than pay for my membership."
  • Greg Hutchins, PE for Professional Liability Insurance:

    "Quality + Engineering purchased its professional liability insurance through Mercer IEEE. Good value. Good/great service. Very responsive. We’re very happy."
  • Curtis Lu for IEEE Term Life Insurance:

    “You are never too young to have life insurance especially if you are active and have a family. With the low premiums you get through the IEEE, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. You never know what can happen to you tomorrow.”
  • Betsy Covell for Auto Insurance from Liberty Mutual:

    "I was pleased to be able to speak with a person when I initially called Liberty Mutual for an insurance quote through their IEEE program. In fact, I have been able to quickly reach a person to get my questions and concerns addressed since then. I was even more pleased to be able to cut my car insurance bill in half, with increased coverage, and tailor my homeowner insurance to meet my needs."
  • Russell Ingles for Professional Liability Insurance:

    “I like how this policy enhances my reputation and the way it opens doors for business.”

    “I purchased this insurance because I wanted to look more professional for the clients I do business with, and it was required for some of the companies to even talk to me.”
  • John Grefford for IEEE Auto & Home Insurance in Canada:

    "The Auto and Home insurance program through The Personal is a great way to save money. I encourage all IEEE members in Canada to take time and compare the insurance rates on home and auto (where applicable) offered by other companies to fully appreciate this membership benefit. This and other savings experienced through IEEE benefits programs are a great way to offset dues and other expenses. There are many good reasons for joining IEEE and this benefit is one of them."

Testimonials on IEEE Discount Programs

  • Ali Abedi for computer discount:

    “The discount I got from DELL for being an IEEE member saved me enough money to buy more supplies for my laboratory and stretch the grant funds.”
  • Eric Holdrinet for car rental discount:

    "Everything went as advertised, which is what we want from a car rental company. No surprises, which is what we don’t want from a car or the rental company!"
  • Ali Abedi for car rental discount

    “With the IEEE car rental discount program, we can stretch our budget and send more students to conferences and meetings. This is a great benefit.”
  • Joe Lillie for computer discount:

    "When I needed a new laptop, I searched for the best deal that I could find. I looked at the IEEE computer discount program and after comparing to other discounts, found that the best price was using the IEEE discount."