IEEE Affiliate to Member Conversion Application

As an IEEE Society Affiliate, you are already a vital member of the IEEE community.  We are very pleased that you have decided to become a member of the IEEE as well. By joining IEEE, you will expand the benefits and services available to you!

If you have not yet renewed for 2021, please use the IEEE Renewal Website to complete your conversion request. 

If you have already renewed for 2021, please complete this form and fax, mail or call the IEEE Contact Center along with your credit card information.  Enjoy your paid membership through 31 December 2021.  

Please direct your inquiries to the IEEE Support Center.

Welcome to IEEE membership!

These options are available to you. Please choose one.
1) Complete all information, print and fax this form with credit card to +1 732-562-6380, attention "Admission & Advancement Department" or
Mail the form with payment to: IEEE 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854 Attention: Admission & Advancement Department or
3) Call the IEEE Contact Center at  +
1.732.981.0060 Worldwide, +1.800.678.4333 US & Canada (fastest method) or
4) Online Chat is available 24/5. Sunday 4:30pm - Friday 4:30pm ET at:

A. Name:

*First/Given name:
*Affiliate Number:

B. Mailing Address: 

Postal Code:
*Email Address:
Home Phone Number:
C. Educational and Professional Information: *For IEEE grade determination,  please complete the
 educational and employment histories below.

Professional Information

Total Years in Profession:
Current technology focus:
If your technology focus is not found in the list,
please provide:
Education Information
Did you graduate from a three to
five year program at a university level?:
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Undergraduate field of study?:
Undergraduate program accredited?
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An undergraduate or first university degree is a minimum requirement for some grades of membership. You can add certifications or advanced degrees to "My Profile" at any time.

D. Payment Due (Dependant on your geographical location)
Country IEEE Dues in US$ Affiliate Credit Fee** Net Total Due
US US$ 208.00 US$ 76.50 US$ 131.50
Canada (HST) New Brunswick & New Foundaland US$ 194.95
US$ 87.98 US$ 106.97
Canada (HST) Ontario US$ 191.89 US$ 86.45 US$ 105.44
Canada (HST) Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island US$ 194.95 US$ 87.98 US$ 106.97
Canada (GST) US$ 179.65 US$ 80.33 US$ 99.32
Canada (GST) & (QST) Quebec US$ 194.91 US$ 87.93 US$ 106.98
Africa, Europe, Middle East US$ 166.00 US$ 76.50 US$ 89.50
EU/EFTA Countries US$ 171.00 US$ 76.50 US$ 94.50
Electronic Membership (eligible EU/EFTA countries) US$ 98.00 US$ 76.50 US$ 21.50
Latin America US$ 157.00 US$ 76.50 US$ 80.50
Asia Pacific US$ 158.00 US$ 76.50 US$ 81.50
Asia Pacific (Japan) US$ 183.00 US$ 76.50 US$ 106.50
Electronic Membership (eligible countries) US$ 93.00 US$ 76.50 US$ 16.50

By checking this box and submitting this application through fax or postal mail, I hereby make application for IEEE membership and acknowledge that I have read and agree to the IEEE Terms of Membership which states "By becoming an IEEE Member, you agree to: Abide by the IEEE Constitution, Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, Bylaws and Policies (the "Governing Documents") and any updates or amendments to the Governing Documents posted by IEEE; Support the enhancement of IEEE principles, objectives and activities; and Meet the monetary obligations required for membership such as the payment of dues and applicable assessments. In addition, Life Members shall be obligated to confirm annually the desire to continue to receive services and publication(s) to which they are entitled.
The IEEE Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and current versions of the IEEE governing documents are available at: Updated versions of the Governing Documents shall be effective upon posting.
Core Principles of the IEEE Code of Ethics:
I. To uphold the highest standards of integrity, responsible behavior, and ethical conduct in professional activities.  
II. To treat all persons fairly and with respect, to not engage in harassment or discrimination, and to avoid injuring others.
III. To strive to ensure this code is upheld by colleagues and co-workers.