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Learn more about how to get involved in your Region.  View the links below to go to your IEEE Region's home page or learn about IEEE geographic unit (Section, Chapter, and Affinity Group) activities in your Region.


Regional Web sites

006699 color chipRegion 1 (Northeastern U.S.)       

006699 color chipRegion 6 (Western U.S.)


006699 color chipRegion 2 (Eastern U.S.)


FFCC33 color chipRegion 7 (Canada)

006699 color chipRegion 3 (Southern U.S)

E37222 color chipRegion 8 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)

006699 color chipRegion 4 (Central U.S.)

008542 color chipRegion 9 (Latin America)

006699 color chipRegion 5 (Southwestern U.S.)

6B1F73 color chipRegion 10 (Asia and Pacific)


IEEE Region Map Visit the IEEE Region 9 Web siteVisit the IEEE Region 7 Web 7siteVisit the IEEE Region 8 Web siteVisit the IEEE Region 10 Web siteView the IEEE Region 1 through 6 mapView the IEEE Region 1 through 6 map