Thank you for your interest in IEEE Technical Activities (TA). TA’s mission is to foster the development and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge that benefits members, the profession, and humanity. It comprises 39 IEEE Societies, seven IEEE Technical Councils, 18 IEEE technical communities, and the Technical Activities Board (TAB).

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Establish a Technical Chapter in your Section

Technical Chapters are a member's local link to the valuable resources available from IEEE’s 46 Societies and Technical Councils. Chapters provide Society members with opportunities to network at a local level. Chapter activities may include guest speakers, workshops, and seminars, as well as social functions.

If there is not a local Chapter within your geographic unit, learn How to Create a New IEEE Chapter.

View the IEEE Geographic Unit Formation Policies and Petitions for guidelines on forming a new Chapter.


Access Society and Council services and products

In addition to publications and conferences, TA Societies, Councils, and communities offer a variety of services and products.

IEEE Technical Activities recently implemented numerous Resource Centers, which make Society and technical community content available to the global community and provide additional value to IEEE Society and technical community members.

IEEE DataPort™ is a repository of datasets. You can also host a data competition in IEEE DataPort. In 2017, there is no cost to subscribe or upload an Open Access dataset to IEEE DataPort. For free subscriber access, use coupon code "DATAPORT1". For free open access uploads, use coupon code "OPENACCESS1".

IEEE Technology Navigator is a tool that brings together the vast catalog of IEEE resources and organizes it into technology topics—engineering and science concepts that are relevant to you.

  • Researching an emerging technology?
  • Looking for a conference to attend?
  • Looking for a technical society you can join?

IEEE Future Directions has established formal initiatives for emerging technologies as a way to engage IEEE and the general public. Visit each featured portal for access to upcoming conferences, news articles, technical papers, related standards, professional organizations, and academic programs. To get involved in the initiatives and to stay informed, please join the free technical communities available on the portals.


Learn about volunteer opportunities

TA is looking for volunteers with leadership and organizational skills to impact the future of the organization.

  • Click on your geographic area for a list of geographic units, including Technical Chapters, in your area. Go to the Region, Section, or Chapter's web page to learn about volunteer opportunities in your local area.
  • Find your Society or area of interest in the list and click to learn more about the Society and find the link to the Society web page, where you can learn about volunteer opportunities.


Plan a Distinguished Lecturer Program in your Section

IEEE Distinguished Lecturers are professionals who help lead their fields in new technical developments that shape the global community. These experts:

  • Specialize in the field of interest of their Society/Council
  • Travel to various technical and regional groups, such as Society and Technical Council Chapters, to lecture at events

This page contains links to each IEEE Society/Council Distinguished Lecturer program page, which include lecturer bios and registration and expense/reimbursement information.

Please note, each IEEE Society/Council has individual requirements regarding Distinguished Lecturer Program availability and costs.

View resources and education for volunteers

TA offers resources and services to help volunteers manage and grow their IEEE Societies, Councils, and communities. Discover resources and services for:

IEEE Technical Activities also offers volunteer education programs.

These workshops aim to train and empower volunteers on building IEEE technical communities, organizing successful IEEE activities, and training future volunteers.

IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) education offerings allow organizers to conveniently and easily gain understanding of the principles and skills necessary for running an IEEE sponsored conference. Learn what is required, review standards and "best practices," see new tools, and discover what MCE resources are available.

Join an IEEE Technical Society, Council, or community

IEEE Societies and Technical Councils produce over 180 publications and sponsor, co-sponsor, and technically sponsor over 1,900 conferences each year around the world. Their members take advantage of opportunities to network with other professionals and stay technically current within their fields of interest.

An IEEE Society is a membership community within IEEE representing a specific field of interest, while Technical Councils consist of a group of Societies that share similar fields of interest.

TA is also home to a growing number of technical communities, each responsible for fostering new and emerging technologies.

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