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Candidates for 2016 IEEE Division VIII Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect. 

Division VIII Society:

  • IEEE Computer Society


Dejan S. Milojicic

Dejan Milojicic

(Nominated by IEEE Division VIII)  
Hewlett Packard Laboratories
Senior Research Manager
Palo Alto, California, USA

Dejan is a senior researcher and manager at HP Labs, Palo Alto, CA (1998-). His areas of technical expertise include operating systems, distributed systems, and systems management. He currently manages the teams in US, Brazil, India, and Puerto Rico. He worked in the OSF Research Institute, Cambridge, MA (1994-1998) and Institute “Mihajlo Pupin,” Belgrade, Serbia (1983-1991). He received his PhD from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany (1993); and MSc/BSc from Belgrade University, Serbia (1983/86). Dejan was a managing director of the Open Cirrus Cloud Computing testbed (2007-2011), with the academic and industrial sites in US (6), Europe (3), and Asia (6). Dejan has published over 150 papers and two books; he has 15 granted patents and over 30 patent applications. Dejan is an IEEE Fellow, ACM Distinguished Engineer, and USENIX member. He has been on many conference program committees and journal editorial boards. He started two conferences (IEEE ASAP; USENIX WIESS).


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  1. As a president of IEEE Computer Society, I have turned the momentum from negative budget towards profitability, reducing the deficit for 37% and identifying new revenue sources.
  2. I am a founding editor of IEEE Computing Now, a new mashup-based society-wide content delivery model. IEEE Computing Now has since been distributed to over 100,000 recipients and has been both a source of revenue and a modern, experimental delivery vehicle across the society.
  3. As the first chair of the IEEE Special Technical Communities, I introduced common practices, and drove the establishment of this new membership approach inside of IEEE.
  4. As the principal editor of IEEE CS 2022 Technical Report, I have formed the team of authors who published the document representing the 23 technologies that will have disruptive adoption by the year 2022. This energized the Society to establish new communities and products and services.
  5. I revitalized IEEE Computer Society Fellows Community through a mailing list and the forthcoming IEEE CS Fellow Conference.



  • Chair of IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Serving Individuals from Industry (2015)
  • Chair of IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Board Outreach (2015)


  • IEEE Computer Society President 2014; on committees:
    • Constitution and Bylaws (2013)
    • Planning (2013-2015)
    • Financial (2014, 2015)
    • Nominations (2011, 2015)
    • Intersociety Collaboration (2015)
  • Board of Governors (2012)
  • Special Technical Communities governance chair (2012)
  • Chair of IEEE Technical Committee of Operating Systems (2000)
  • Founding editor in chief of IEEE Computing Now (2008-2012)
  • On steering committee and editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (2014-)
  • On editorial board of IEEE Internet Computing magazine (2008-)
  • Founding editor of IEEE Distribute Systems Online (2000-2008)
  • Founded IEEE International Symposium on Agent Systems and Applications (2000)
  • On steering committee of IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Engineering (2012-)



If elected to IEEE Division Director, I will focus on:

  • Increasing the relevance of IEEE to broader engineering community. Our profession has evolved over the time. We have many potential members and existing members expect increased offerings. As an industry leader I can attract new members and introduce new services.
  • Modernizing IEEE by adopting new technologies and practices. New ways of publishing, virtual communities, DevOps and new de facto standardization require aggressive adoption of new technologies. I spearheaded IEEE CS 2022 report and deployed novel communities.
  • Strengthening financial accountability. While there are many ideas to improve IEEE, few are financially sustainable. I have a good track record of inventing and deploying financially sustainable solutions (IEEE Computing Now; turning around CS financials).
  • Homogenizing the broader IEEE with societies and other organizational units within IEEE. As a president of the IEEE Computer Society, I have witnessed conflicting interests among organizational units and their daughter units (IEEE and societies; societies and technical communities; technical communities and conferences, etc.) I am an inclusive leader who maximizes outcomes for multi-parties.



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Arnold N. Pears

Arnold Pears

(Nominated by IEEE Division VIII)

Associate Professor of Computing Education Research
Head of Education and Deputy Head of Department
Department of Information Technology
Uppsala University
Uppsala, Sweden

Dr. Arnold Pears is an Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department, and Head of Education at the IT Department of Uppsala University, Sweden. He leads several groups; the UpCERG research group in Computing and Engineering Education at Uppsala University; the CeTUSS Swedish National Center for Student and Societally Relevant Engineering Education and the Strategic Advisory Board of the Uppsala University Center for STEM Higher Education Research. He serves on the Uppsala University Academic Senate, and the Faculty of Science and Technology Council for Educational Development.

Arnold received his BSc(Hons) and PhD from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. Arnold is an IEEE Senior Member, received the Computer Society Golden Core Member Award (2012) and the Schmitz Award (2012) for services to the Computer Society and its conferences. He has published more than 100 articles and papers in major conferences and journals in Computer Science and Computing and Engineering Education.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


I have contributed actively to the success and growth of our society through my efforts to geographically diversify the IEEE membership base, and develop new ways to support activities and services of value to members worldwide. In particular I have made contributions on the following boards and committees:

  • IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors, 2012-2014
  • IEEE Computer Society Education Activities Board, 2009-present
  • Chair of IEEE Computer Society STC Education, 2012-present


  • Chair: IEEE Education Society, Nordic Chapter 2010-2014, leading activities and championing the development of engineering education to better serve society and industry needs.
  • Member: Sweden Section 2000-present. Participating in the development of the Section and IEEE activities in the Nordic region.


  • Assistant Editor in Chief of “Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing”, have been part of a dynamic team developing new publishing venues for emerging research results of value to the development of the field.


  • IEEE Frontiers in Education, Steering Committee 2009-2015; Chair 2011-2012; Programme co-chair 2011, 2014
  • Dasher “Best Paper” Awards Committee member 2009-present
  • IEEE EDUCON: TPC member 2010-present; Keynote speaker 2013
  • IEEE TALE: TPC member 2013-present
  • IEEE COMPSAC: invited speaker and panel moderator, 2014


  • Education Track Chair for the IEEE Internet of Things Initiative 2014-2015


  • During the period 2012 to 2015 I have founded and sponsored a new Asian region conference through my IEEE roles.
  • IEEE International Conference on Learning and Teaching in Computing and Engineering (LaTiCE) 2012-2015.
  • The conference serves an expanding community and has attracted new communities to membership of the IEEE. 
  • As chair of the Frontiers in Education Conference Steering Committee forged new relationships between the Computer and Education societies as well as with the ASEE. Through these relationships helped to bring the conference back into profit and increase the relevance of the conference to IEEE communities of engineering educators worldwide.



I believe that the IEEE operates by members, with members and for members, and enables its members in maximising their career potential. My twenty years of leadership and academic research and development experience can help to address the organisational and operational challenges facing the IEEE.

I have made significant local and international contributions to recruitment of new IEEE members, and the establishment of successful activities, particularly Chapters, and Conferences. I will bring leadership, management and interpersonal skills gained managing a department that currently has over 280 employees.  I will work to enhance budget oversight and financial management, financial transparency and increasing productivity.

Drawing these insights, and my prior experience, I believe that I am ideally positioned to help the IEEE re-imagine its global role as the leading professional association for engineers. My academic background gives me insight into how to successfully reinvent key core elements of our business. My particular focus is on supporting professionals through enhancing career support products and services and re-engineering our approach to publication and dissemination of technical knowledge.


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