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The voting membership of IEEE annually elects officers that serve on the top-tier IEEE governing bodies.


Candidates in 2017 Election

The IEEE Board of Directors has received the names of the candidates to be placed on this year's ballot. The candidates have been drawn from recommendations made by regional and divisional nominating committees. In addition, the names include candidates for positions in the IEEE Standards Association, IEEE Technical Activities, and IEEE-USA.


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Election Deadlines

  • 15 AUGUST
    IEEE annual election ballots are mailed to voting members, and electronic ballots are accessible.
    Last day that members’ marked ballots can be accepted by IEEE, by noon CT USA/17:00 UTC.
  • 16 OCTOBER
    Election results are announced by the IEEE Tellers Committee.
  • 19-20 NOVEMBER
    IEEE Board of Directors acts to accept the report of the Tellers Committee. Election results are made official.


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