The voting membership of IEEE annually elects officers that serve on the top-tier IEEE governing bodies. The candidates comprise of members who have been nominated either by the nominating committee for that position or by petition.

The IEEE Board of Directors nominates candidates for IEEE President-Elect, and divisional and regional nominating committees nominate the candidates for the Division and Region Director positions. The annual ballot also includes candidates for positions in the IEEE Standards Association, IEEE Technical Activities, IEEE-USA, and IEEE Women in Engineering. 

In accordance with IEEE Bylaw I-307 Nominations and Elections, individual voting members may propose, by petition, names to be added to the ballot for the offices that appear on the IEEE annual election ballot.

The candidates are listed in a randomized order that was pre-determined by lottery and indicates no preference. 

2024 IEEE President-Elect

  • Roger U. Fujii (Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)
  • Kathleen A. Kramer (Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)

2024 IEEE Division Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect

IEEE Division II

  • Homer Alan Mantooth (Nominated by IEEE Division II)
  • Georges Zissis (Nominated by IEEE Division II)

IEEE Division IV

  • Charles M. Rhoads (Nominated by IEEE Division IV)
  • Charles M. Jackson (Nominated by IEEE Division IV)

IEEE Division VI

  • Russell D. Meier (Nominated by IEEE Division VI)
  • Stefan G. Mozar (Nominated by IEEE Division VI)
  • Ren-Chyuan Luo (Nominated by IEEE Division VI)

IEEE Division VIII

  • William D. Gropp (Nominated by IEEE Division VIII)
  • Cecilia Metra (Nominated by IEEE Division VIII)

IEEE Division X

  • Metin Akay (Nominated by IEEE Division X)
  • Okyay Kaynak (Nominated by IEEE Division X)
  • Ravinder S. Dahiya (Nominated by IEEE Division X)

2024-2025 IEEE Region Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect

IEEE Region 1 (Northeastern USA)

  • Charles P. Rubenstein (Nominated by IEEE Region 1)
  • Jason K. Hui (Nominated by IEEE Region 1)
  • Ali Abedi (Nominated by IEEE Region 1)

IEEE Region 3 (Southeastern USA)

  • Sonya L. Dillard (Nominated by IEEE Region 3)
  • John Patrick "Pat" Donohoe (Nominated by IEEE Region 3)


IEEE Region 5 (Southwestern USA)

  • Christopher B. Sanderson (Nominated by IEEE Region 5)
  • Kenneth B. Rice (Nominated by IEEE Region 5)


IEEE Region 7 (Canada)

  • Michael G. Lamoureux (Nominated by IEEE Region 7)
  • Wahab Almuhtadi (Nominated by IEEE Region 7)


IEEE Region 9 (Latin America)

  • Jose-Ignacio Castillo-Velazquez (Nominated by Petition)
  • Gerardo Barbosa (Nominated by IEEE Region 9)
  • Ruben Barrera-Michel (Nominated by IEEE Region 9)


2024 IEEE Standards Association President-Elect

  • Mark Epstein (Nominated by Petition)
  • Gary R. Hoffman (Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)
  • Robby Robson (Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)

2024-2025 IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors Member-at-Large

Position 1:

  • Mehmet Ulema (Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)
  • Douglas N. Zuckerman (Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)


Position 2:

  • Kishik Park (Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)
  • Joseph S. Levy (Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)

2024 IEEE Technical Activities Vice President-Elect

  • Maciej J. Ogorzalek (Nominated by IEEE Technical Activities)
  • Dalma Novak (Nominated by IEEE Technical Activities)
  • Rakesh Kumar (Nominated by IEEE Technical Activities)

2024 IEEE-USA President-Elect

  • James R. Look (Nominated by IEEE-USA)
  • Timothy L. Lee (Nominated by IEEE-USA)

2024 IEEE Women in Engineering Committee Chair-Elect

  • Winnie Ye (Nominated by IEEE Women in Engineering)
  • Cinzia Da Via (Nominated by IEEE Women in Engineering)