The IEEE Board of Directors and various organizational units nominate candidates for election by the membership.

IEEE voting members may propose, by petition, names to be added to the ballot for the offices that appear on the IEEE Annual Election ballot.

Current petitions

Petition for the 2020 IEEE Annual Election will end at 12:00 pm EDT/16:00 UTC on Friday, 8 May 2020.

Petition signatures

Per IEEE Bylaw I-307.10, the number of valid petition signatures required is calculated by using the eligible voting members count as of 31 December in the previous year's IEEE Annual Statistics and this formula:

  • For all positions where the electorate is fewer than 30,000 voting members, signatures shall be required from 2% of the eligible voters.
  • For all positions where the electorate is more then 30,000 voting members, 600 signatures of eligible voters plus 1% of the difference between the number of eligible voters and 30,000 shall be required.

IEEE Corporate Activities will provide the number of signatures required for a specific petition. As signatures are obtained, they should be submitted to IEEE Corporate Activities Department, in advance of the deadline date for petitions, in order for staff to begin the verification process.

A signature is considered valid if the signer is eligible to vote for the office sought by the proposed candidate at the time the signature is submitted to IEEE Corporate Activities. Otherwise, the signature is considered invalid.  

Petition form

IEEE staff will work with the petitioner on the paper petition form and electronic petition website.

Text used on the petition forms:

I (We), the undersigned, petition to add (Name of Petition Candidate) to the (Year) IEEE annual election ballot for the position of (Position) for the term (Years). I (We) certify that to the best of my (our) knowledge, I (we) am (are) eligible to vote for this position in the next IEEE annual election.

Note: This petition is not being signed nor circulated any earlier than as specified in IEEE Policy 13.7 and will only be accepted if received by IEEE Headquarters by the date and time specified by the same policy. All members who sign this petition must be voting members in good standing at the time their signatures are received by IEEE Headquarters.