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Candidates for 2014 IEEE Standards Association President-Elect.


Dennis B. Brophy

Dennis B. Brophy (Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)

(Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)

Director, Strategic Business Development
Mentor Graphic Corporation
Portland, Oregon, USA
Dennis Brophy is director of strategic business development in the Design Verification Technology division of Mentor Graphic Corporation where he manages a global interoperability program to promote product integrations with the company’s functional verification products. He directs company standards strategy and has a long history of successful collaboration with industry peers for end user benefit.
Dennis has been in the electronic design automation industry for the past 33 years. He was first with Hewlett-Packard for five years where, as a software engineer, he worked on early PCB design automation systems and later became a product manager and launched HP’s electronic design automation services business. He then joined Mentor Graphics where he has held several positions the past 28 years.
Dennis received a B.S. from the University of California at Davis in electrical engineering and computer engineering. He was recently awarded the Accellera Systems Initiative Leadership Award (inaugural awardee, 2012).
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
Current IEEE Standards Leadership roles
  • Member IEEE SA Board of Governors (BoG)
  • Chair of the IEEE SA Corporate Advisory Group (CAG)
  • Secretary of the IEEE 1800 SystemVerilog Working Group
  • Secretary of the IEEE 1666 SystemC Working Group
Past IEEE Standards Leadership roles
  • Member of IEEE SA Standards Board (2005-2008)
  • IEEE SASB Revision Committee (2004-2006)
  • IEEE SASB Patent Committee (2005-2006)
  • Chair IEEE 1481 Delay and Power Calculation System (1996-1999)
  • Chair IEEE 1076.4 VHDL Initiative Towards ASIC Libraries (VITAL) Technical Advisory Group (1995-1998)
Society Memberships
  • Computer Society
    • Design Automation Standards Committee
  • Circuits and Systems Society
  • ComSoc
  • IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC)
    • Panel Committee Member (2003-2004, 2012-2013)
    • Panel Committee Chair (2005-2006)
    • Executive Committee Member (2005-2006)
    • New Initiatives Chair (2007)
    • Strategy Committee Member (2009-2010, 2012-2013)
  • Design & Verification Conference
    • Steering Committee (2013-present) 
  • IEEE 1800 Working Group Chair’s Award, 2006
  • IEEE 1481 Working Group Chair’s Award, 1998
My standards development history has been one to bring industry together with technologists on a global basis mindful of regional standards groups and national systems that support this – with success. I have brought this same energy and commitment into the SA to collaborate with others to create a thriving corporate standards development process that is internationally recognized and respected. I actively promote the complete IEEE standards program that leverages the benefits of both the individual technical expert based standards process and the corporate process. 
I balance an internal IEEE focus with external collaboration. I believe we need to continue to promote and encourage use of our prestigious standards development platform to those who may not know the multiple ways to engage with the IEEE SA. As we do this, we can foster standards development in more technology areas. To be more agile, we should explore new schemes that promote incubation of promising standards ideas to grow the SA and its global reach. We should also strengthen the bond with the technology treasure from the whole of the IEEE where subject matter experts can certainly infuse and enrich the promising standards areas.
More details on my website at

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Bruce P. Kraemer

Bruce P. Kraemer (Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)


(Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)
Strategic Marketing Senior Manager
Marvell Semiconductor
Santa Clara, California, USA
Bruce Kraemer is Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing for Marvell Semiconductor. He is responsible for coordinating product developments and standards activities in wireless products since joining Marvell in 2006.
His professional experience spanned industrial process, control engineering process improvement, communications strategic marketing for semiconductors used in wired and Wireless Communications which evolved into development of Wireless Standards while employed at Foxboro, Harris Corp, Intersil, Globespan, Conexant.
In addition to IEEE activities documented below Bruce has been involved in a wide range of International Groups including: SDOs (ITU-T, ITU-R, ETSI, IEEE, ISO/IEC JTC1, IETF, CESI, CCSA, CNIS), Smart Grid (NIST SGIP, P2030 in SCC21, OpenSG), SSOs (Bluetooth, WBA, FMCA, ZigBee Alliance, ACM), and in Wi-Fi Alliance he Chaired Long Range Planning, Spectrum Sharing, Power Consumption, VC Regulatory TG, and was WFA Board Vice Chair and Treasurer.
Bruce obtained his BS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MBA from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
My initial involvement began with 802.11 in 1996 with a project intended to provide a low power variant. The project evolved into the formation of the 802.15 working group where I held a variety of positions.
Returning my attention to 802.11, interest in expanding use of unlicensed spectrum in the 5GHz band led to chairing a liaison group with ETSI BRAN regarding cooperative development with HiperLAN2. Soon thereafter, 802.11 sought even higher data rates and initiated the 802.11n task group which I chaired from 2004 to 2009. Becoming interested in the SA processes that surround the working group, I began to participate in the full range of SASB meetings. In 2008 I took on the responsibility for Chair of 802.11 and subsequently became a member of RevCom, AudCom and numerous SASB ad hocs. I also began to attend SA BoG meetings which led to appointments in the International ad hoc, Chair of the China Regional Strategy team within the Global Coordination Committee, and membership in the SA BoG. Involvement in the BoG portfolio discussions led to appointment to the ICAP Steering Committee and subsequently election as ICAP Steering Committee chair. 
802.11 activities in ISO/IEC/SC6 in 2003 evolved into an assignment as IEEE Head of Delegation to ISO/IEC/SC6.
Interest within China in adapting a standard to local requirements led to direct involvement with CESI and the establishment of a new task group procedure with involvement by a new group of engineers in China.
Interest in Smart Grid led to participation in NIST SGIP and chairing an 802 Smart Grid Standing Committee for 3 years, participation in P2030 and service as a member of the SA Smart Grid Interest group.
In summary, my increasingly broader involvement in SA activities and international relationships led to nomination for SA President. 
As IEEE Standards Association president I will strive to further enhance the internal policies and the global recognition of the IEEE Standards Association as an organization which fosters the open development of technically excellent and market relevant standards.
As evidence of support of these goals I have been actively engaged in IEEE standards development, management and the promotion of IEEE activities for 16 years by participating in and chairing a variety of activities within the SA Standards Board committees, Communications Society, Computer Society, Power and Energy Society, and the SA Board of Governors.
I also recognize that the transformation of ideas into standards and products requires support from an ecosystem that not only includes IEEE staff and volunteers but extends well beyond the boundaries of the IEEE and requires mutually beneficial relationships with a wide array of international standards organizations, national standards bodies, regulatory agencies, standard setting organizations, trade associations and universities, many of which I have already had an opportunity to engage with.
I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for President of the IEEE-SA. I look forward to applying my past experiences to further advance the global participation in, and recognition of, IEEE-SA activities.

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