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The IEEE Board of Directors is comprised of the three IEEE Presidents, the Vice Presidents and Presidents of the six Major Boards, the ten Region Directors, the ten Division Directors, and the Directors Emeritus.  


List of 2014 IEEE Board of Directors

  • IEEE President and CEO: Prof. J. Roberto de Marca
  • IEEE President-Elect: Dr. Howard E. Michel
  • IEEE Past President: Dr. Peter W. Staecker
  • Director & Secretary: Dr. Marko Delimar
  • Director & Treasurer: Mr. John T. Barr
  • Director & Vice President, Educational Activities: Prof. Saurabh Sinha
  • Director & Vice President, Publication Services and Products: Prof. Gianluca Setti
  • Director & Vice President, Member and Geographic Activities: Dr. Ralph M. Ford
  • Director & President, Standards Association: Ms. Karen Bartleson
  • Director & Vice President, Technical Activities: Dr. Jacek M. Zurada
  • Director & President IEEE-USA: Dr. Gary L. Blank
  • Director & Delegate, Region 1: Rev. Vincent P. Socci
  • Director & Delegate, Region 2: Prof. Parviz Famouri
  • Director & Delegate, Region 3: Mrs. Mary Ellen Randall
  • Director & Delegate, Region 4: Ms. Karen S. Pedersen
  • Director & Delegate, Region 5: Dr. J. Derald Morgan  
  • Director & Delegate, Region 6: Mr. Michael R. Andrews
  • Director & Delegate, Region 7: Prof. Amir G. Aghdam
  • Director & Delegate, Region 8: Dr. Martin J. Bastiaans
  • Director & Delegate, Region 9: Prof. Norberto M. Lerendegui
  • Director & Delegate, Region 10: Prof. Toshio Fukuda
  • Director & Delegate, Division I: Dr. Ellen J. Yoffa
  • Director & Delegate, Division II: Dr. Jerry L. Hudgins
  • Director & Delegate, Division III: Dr. Harvey A. Freeman
  • Director & Delegate, Division IV: Prof. Jozef W. Modelski
  • Director & Delegate, Division V: Ms. Susan K. Land
  • Director & Delegate, Division VI: Prof. Bogdan M. Wilamowski
  • Director & Delegate, Division VII: Ms. Wanda K. Reder  
  • Director & Delegate, Division VIII: Mr. Roger U. Fujii
  • Director & Delegate, Division IX: Prof. Marina Ruggieri
  • Director & Delegate, Division X: Prof. Stephen Yurkovich
  • Director Emeritus: Mr. Eric Herz #
  • Director Emeritus: Mr. Theodore W. Hissey


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IEEE Staff

  • Executive Director: Dr. E. James Prendergast
  • Staff Executive, Corporate Strategy: Mr. Matthew S. Loeb
  • Staff Secretary: Ms. Julie Eve Cozin


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