IEEE TryEngineering Series:

Spotlight on Building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Next Generation of Engineers

IEEE’s, a program that began in 2006 and has since expanded considerably to inclusively meet the needs of all budding engineers and technologists, supports various initiatives.

There are a number of programs that fall under the umbrella, including our TryEngineering Volunteer STEM Portal grants to STEM Champions, the TryEngineering Summer Institute, and the TryEngineering Together program.

All of these programs target providing information and resources to a diverse and inclusive audience in an effort to build equity within the engineering community. 

The TryEngineering Summer Institute gives teens the opportunity to explore a variety of engineering disciplines in a fun, hands-on way. The program is ideal for students who are considering a degree or career in engineering, as well as for those that are curious to learn more. Students have fun tackling a variety of engineering design challenges while developing skills in engineering, communication, and consensus-building. Students participate in team-based, hands-on design challenges, hear from and interact with working engineers, and experience exciting off-campus field trips to local engineering sites.

The TryEngineering Summer Institute, with generous donations from Societies within IEEE, funds 31 scholarships for students to attend the two-week program at college campuses throughout the United States. These scholarships were awarded to students based on financial need.

Students who attended the camp had the following to say about their experience:

The program aims to give students an opportunity to:

  • Find out how engineering is applied in the real world, and how it’s shaping our future.
  • Participate in multi-disciplinary projects in electrical, civil, mechanical, aerospace, and other engineering disciplines.
  • Learn to think like engineers while building critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.
  • Experience how engineers work in teams to solve local and global challenges.
  • Gain insight into what it’s like to study engineering at the university level.
  • Engage with professionals working in your field of interest.
  • See real-world engineering projects while learning about future academic and career possibilities through exciting trips and tours.
  • Build projects that teach engineering concepts by making things like rockets, remote control cars, drones, trebuchets, building and soldering circuits, and much more.

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