IEEE DataPort is an easy-to-use, globally accessible data platform developed and offered by IEEE that provides significant benefits to researchers, data analysts, and the global technical community. The repository is fully functional and currently offers free uploads of any dataset up to 2TB for those that need to retain and manage their valuable research data. The platform has over 280,000 global users and over 1,200 datastes and continues to provide value to researchers around the globe.    

IEEE DataPort benefits include:

  • Backed by IEEE—reputable and trusted
  • Can store datasets indefinitely up to 2TB each
  • Standard (non-Open Access) datasets can always be uploaded at no cost
  • Open Access dataset option for researchers (currently free using promo code OPENACCESS1)
  • Datasets can be linked to Xplore articles (over 91 journals/magazines now integrated with IEEE DataPort)
  • Users can send email to dataset owners to provide feedback, make inquiries, collaborate, or provide feedback on a specific dataset
  • Integrated with ORCID; users can optionally have the IEEE DataPort dataset asset automatically added to their ORCID asset list
  • Fully integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to facilitate data analytics
  • Provides Digital Object Identifier (DOI) automatically for each dataset
  • Citations are formulated and provided in multiple formats for users
  • Metadata provided with each dataset and expandable; IEEE SA working to standardize metadata
  • Can support and facilitate Data Challenges
  • Can store and link related documentation—scripts, visualizations, related documentation
  • Fully integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to facilitate data analytics
  • Help meet funding agency requirements for data management

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To enhance the value of IEEE Society memberships, all IEEE Society members are provided with free access to all datasets on IEEE DataPort through at least June 2020. Join a Society today and get the added benefit of IEEE DataPort with your Society membership. Others can currently utilize promo code DATAPORT1 to obtain a free individual subscription to IEEE DataPort.

All members of the global technical community are welcome to utilize IEEE DataPort. Using IEEE DataPort supports research reproducibility and enables all users to store one or more research datasets, share research data with others, access datasets from other researchers in your field, and increase the visibility of your research. 

IEEE DataPort is a new IEEE offering, so please communicate the benefits of IEEE DataPort to your colleagues and coworkers using this flyer:

IEEE DataPort Flyer (PDF, 350 KB)

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